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The Saga of The Horn is a holotape in the Fallout 76 update Wastelanders.


Obtained from Beckett during the quest Supply and Demand.


The Eye's Executioner: Convert report status: ten new recruits picked up by The Blood.

Blood Eagle: It was actually twenty, boss. Wasn't it?

The Eye's Executioner: We only count the survivors, Ted.

Blood Eagle: Oh! My official Blood Eagle name is now The Horn.

The Eye's Executioner: *sighs* Really? Fine. We only count the survivors, Horn.

Blood Eagle: No like... The Horn. Not Horn. You know? Like The Claw, The Blood...

The Eye's Executioner: You have to earn a "The" around here, Horn.

Blood Eagle: But... but... okay. Fine. What's your name? I'll use that one! In honor of you!

The Eye's Executioner: I am literally going to murder you.

Blood Eagle: But... but... okay. How about... The Bloodiest Eagle of them All!

The Eye's Executioner: Okay. Bloodiest Eagle. Please wait in the hallway while I finish the report.

Blood Eagle: Guard the door, kill any intruders. I can do this!

Background: *door closes*

The Eye's Executioner: *heavy sigh* I think we need to ditch the whole "naming" thing. It's getting out of hand. I will also need a new... assistant.

Ten survived the chems with no issue. Nine had reactions and were disposed of. One has been sent to see The Eye. Oh, right. Better send someone to clean up the mess after their session is complete.