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The Retreat is a location in the Mire region of Appalachia. Formerly known as the Treehouse Village, it was once a settlement run by the Free States, before raiders attacked the survivors taking refuge there and taking over. They later abandoned the treehouses, though in 2103, a group of villagers led by Jennie Brown revamped the abandoned settlement and renamed it to The Retreat.


As humans returned to Appalachia in 2103, a group of villagers took up residence in the old Free States settlement previously known as Treehouse Village and converted it into their own home. The group renamed the settlement The Retreat. The villagers are led by Jennie Brown, who treats the community like her family. However, they have recently been extorted for supplies by Dagger, a powerful Blood Eagle operating out of the nearby base known as Dagger's Den. As such, many of the villagers are starting to grow hungry and paranoid of outsiders. Jennie Brown would like the help of the Brotherhood First Expeditionary Force in resolving this issue, before the Blood Eagles decide to kill the villagers once and for all.[1]


As of 2103, the village's new inhabitants have partially overhauled the location. The shack jutting into the cliff face is now a makeshift armory and crafting area with armor and weapons workbenches.


Notable loot

  • Brewmaster grocery list - Note, on a wooden table in the bar area.
  • The Dagger dilemma - Note, on a coffee table in a treehouse on the southern end of the location.
  • Recipe: Delbert's pothole potpie - On the desk next to Lorne's terminal.
  • Three potential Vault-Tec bobbleheads:
    • One on a red shelf in the treehouse with hanging bat decorations and the painting of a clown.
    • One behind a metal box with the ammo box on top, in the treehouse across from the armory. It is hidden behind the metal box, on the right hand side, next to two wooden blocks and a toy car.
    • One inside the teal blue fridge, behind the counter in the bar area.
  • Three Robot parts models - All three variants can be found on a table near a bed, in the same treehouse that contains the hanging bat decorations and the painting of a clown.


Until the release of One Wasteland For All, Treehouse Village was entirely abandoned. The update added the villagers, though their leader, Jennie Brown, was not introduced until Steel Dawn, which renamed the location and introduced changes to its layout.


The Retreat appears only in Fallout 76. Formerly known as Treehouse Village, it was expanded upon in the One Wasteland For All update, before being fully converted to The Retreat with Steel Dawn.

Behind the scenes

Level designer Craig Bernardo, who also designed the original version of the Treehouse Village, worked on the creation of The Retreat.[2][3]