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The Quantum Stag is a side quest in the Fallout 4 Creation Club content "Manwell Rifle Set."


This quest is a simple 'follow the leader' quest that will guide the player across a small area near Outpost Zimonja, starting at a house by the railroad tracks. Upon taking the note at the house, the player must follow a trail of Quantum splatters on the ground until they reach a hunting camp with another note. Once you take the note and Manwell rifle, you will be guided to a nearby pond with a few irradiated barrels nearby. Pour a bottle of concentrated Nuka Quantum into the pond, then hide in a nearby brush and wait for the Quantum radstag to appear. Once it appears, the player can either kill it or feed it the second bottle of concentrated Quantum and send it to a settlement to end the quest.

If spared, the Quantum radstag will be marked as a settler. Killing the Quantum radstag in a settlement will cause any nearby settlers to turn hostile, and companions will give the usual reactions that they would if you killed a normal settler.

Quest stagesEdit

StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
? Investigate the area west of Outpost Zimonja
? Search the hunter's body
? Follow the trail of Quantum
? Investigate the hunter's camp
? Pick up the hunter's rifle
? Pour the Concentrated Quantum into the pond
? Hide in the brush
? Wait for the Quantum Radstag
? Kill the Quantum Radstag
?Icon checkHelp defend the checkpoint
?Icon checkor (Optional) Feed the radstag more Quantum


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