"People of the Commonwealth. Do not interfere. Our intentions are peaceful. We are the Brotherhood of Steel."

The Prydwen is a modified and heavily armored Brotherhood of Steel airship that flies throughout the skies of the Commonwealth. The vessel serves multiple roles for the Brotherhood, including those of aircraft carrier, command center, personnel quarters, equipment maintenance bay, and research facility. It is, for all intents and purposes, an airborne military base.


The Prydwen was constructed at Adams Air Force Base over a period of eight years. It took an initial four years to collect the materials necessary and another four to actually construct the airship. It weighs in at forty thousand tons, as noted by Lancer Captain Kells. The nuclear core was evidently taken from Rivet City as the previous one was not sufficient enough to efficiently power all the systems.

The airship is filled with hydrogen, as stated during the quest Airship Down. Four pylons attached to the ship's flight deck carry a single jet engine each, being responsible for controlling the Prydwen's altitude and help to keep the ship aloft. There are four docking hooks for Brotherhood modified VB-02 Vertibird gunships attached to the airship's hull, vertibirds being accessible via the flight deck.


3 Floors:

  1. Lower Catwalk (to Vertibirds).
  2. Command Center
  3. Main Deck

On the Main Deck is a medical bay, bar, power armor station and crafting equipment, a shop (at the end of the corridor). There are also stairs that lead up to the living quarters.


The Prydwen's crew includes:

Notable loot

Pickpocket or dropped on death

Related quests


The Prydwen appears only in Fallout 4. It will show up right after the main quest Reunions is finished, flying in over the western mountain range of the map and making its way across the Commonwealth, until it finally anchors above the Boston Airport. After this, the Sole Survivor can visit it during the Brotherhood of Steel quest Shadow of Steel offered by Paladin Danse.

Its remains can be visited if destroyed, and respawning Brotherhood corpses can be found and looted. Brotherhood of Steel scribes, knights, and paladins may appear and attack the Sole Survivor.

Behind the scenes

  • Prydwen (Middle Welsh lit. "fair-faced", "handsome") is the name of King Arthur's ship in the native Welsh literature concerning the legendary character. Arthur and his men board it to sail to the Otherworldly fortress of Annwn in the somewhat cryptic poem Preiddeu Annwfn as well as when they sail to and from Ireland in the prose text Culhwch ac Olwen in an attempt to gain a magical cauldron. It is not explicitly named in any other native Arthurian tale or poem, and in the Anglo-Norman literature that drew from it Arthur does not appear to have a comparable vessel.
  • It is pronounced by multiple characters different ways. Military Frequency AF95 broadcasts pronounce it 'preed-win' whereas Paladin Danse pronounces it 'prid-win'; the Welsh pronunciation is 'PRUHD-wehn'.


  • PCIcon pc Stealing from the Prydwen armory can result in all Brotherhood NPC's turning hostile against the Sole Survivor. This can happen regardless whether the survivor is detected or not and can happen even if a Stealth Boy is used. Solutions include picking up the desired item and moving it outside the armory before stealing it. This does not alert the Brotherhood.[verified]
  • PCIcon pc In some cases after entering the Prydwen you will fall through the floor. Loading a previous save may fix this issue.[verification overdue]


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