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People of the Commonwealth. Do not interfere. Our intentions are peaceful. We are the Brotherhood of Steel.— The Prydwen arriving in the Commonwealth

The Prydwen is a location in the Commonwealth in 2287. The flagship of the Brotherhood of Steel, the Prydwen serves multiple roles for the Brotherhood, including those of aircraft carrier, command center, clinic, personnel quarters, equipment maintenance bay and research facility. It will be moored to the air traffic control tower at Boston Airport shortly after the Sole Survivor exits Fort Hagen during the quest Reunions.


The Brotherhood once possessed a small fleet of pre-War airships, but the Prydwen is the only one to remain operational.[clarification needed][1] The airship was constructed by the Brotherhood of Steel at Adams Air Force Base.[2] Two years alone were spent on designing it by the sharpest minds the Brotherhood had at its disposal.[3] Another two years were spent gathering the parts necessary to enable its construction,[4] with components salvaged from the destroyed Enclave base playing a crucial role in its construction. The Prydwen was launched and granted the Brotherhood the ability to mobilize its entire division and field it anywhere they need to at a moment's notice.[2][5]

Weighing 40,000 tons, the Prydwen can land on the ground in emergencies and to conserve coolant needed to keep it afloat.[5][6][7] The airship itself is unarmed, but it always carries enough troops, Vertibirds and supplies to mount a major offensive.[8] The Brotherhood's airborne aircraft carrier contains all of the facilities needed to make long range operations possible: Barracks, research and development facilities, a medical bay, armory, workshops, and more.

During the War of the Commonwealth, the carrier also houses Arthur Maxon and the top leadership of the chapter. Lancer-Captain Kells, the head of the Lancers and Prydwen's skipper, resides at the command deck on the bridge, overseeing field operations. Proctor Teagan, head of the Order of the Sword, acts as Prydwen's quartermaster. His office is in the supply depot in the rear. The head of the airport supply depot, Knight-Sergeant Gavil, answers directly to him. Proctor Ingram, head of the Order of the Shield, works in the power armor maintenance bay. She oversees engineering and maintenance duties both aboard the Prydwen and airport-side. It's her job to ensure the reactor remains operational and the ship airborne. She also works towards restoring Liberty Prime, the keystone of Elder Maxson's stratagem against the Institute. Proctor Quinlan, head of the Order of the Quill, oversees Scribe research and recovery operations from his quarters on the main deck, opposite the infirmary. Field Scribes answer to him and he's personally checking every technical document brought in from the field by them or other Brotherhood operatives.

Apart from the three Order leaders, the chapter has other prominent members aboard the Prydwen. Knight-Captain Cade, one of the Brotherhood's most talented physicians, resides in the medical bay, treating wounded soldiers and assessing new recruits in order to see if they are combat ready. He is notoriously strict and refuses to clear Paladin Brandis for duty until the Sole Survivor completes either The Nuclear Option for the Brotherhood or completes Mass Fusion for the Institute while working for the Railroad.

Senior Scribe Neriah, is the head of the Brotherhood's biological research department, and works in her lab at the rear of the upper floor of the main deck. She is responsible for the dissecting and analysis of fallen foes in the hopes of finding any weaknesses and special traits useful to the Brotherhood. She also works to develop a new anti-radiation medicine more potent than Rad-X, but she needs more viable blood samples from the Commonwealth's various creatures to create it.


The Prydwen is divided into two exterior areas and two indoor areas: the flight deck, the command deck, the main deck, and the forecastle. On the main deck is a medical bay, mess hall, power armor station, crafting equipment, and a shop at the end of the corridor. There are also stairs that lead either up to the living quarters or down to a storage area. Around the perimeter and along the top are patrolled catwalks. The main deck is contained within the airbag, as the hydrogen is inside several canisters positioned around the outer hull.

The flight deck is located along the midsection of the gondola. There is a control room/storage area overlooking the deck, accessible at the back of the flight deck. The command deck has three levels. The top level is Maxson's observation deck. The next one down is a storage area, with access to the forecastle. Finally, the bridge is at the bottom, where Lancer-Captain Kells can be found. The forecastle is a small balcony that is accessible from the top of the command deck.


The Prydwen's crew includes:

Optional crew members:

Notable loot

Pickpocket or dropped on death

Related quests


  • The Prydwen will appear in a cutscene upon exiting Fort Hagen during the Reunions quest, flying in over the western mountain range of the map and making its way across the Commonwealth, until it finally anchors above the Boston Airport. After this, the Sole Survivor can visit it during the Brotherhood of Steel quest Shadow of Steel offered by Paladin Danse.
  • If the Sole Survivor has not yet dealt with the Brotherhood of Steel right after the Prydwen shows up (by avoiding the Cambridge Police Station), the optional Brotherhood quest Reveille begins, where it is only referenced as "the Brotherhood of Steel airship."
  • Its remains can be visited if destroyed, and respawning Brotherhood corpses can be found and looted. Brotherhood of Steel scribes, knights, and paladins may appear and attack the Sole Survivor.
  • Bringing certain companions onto the Prydwen will cause different reactions from the Brotherhood personnel.
    • Bringing Nick aboard will cause a generic Brotherhood member to question if the protagonist is concerned if Nick is a "spy." Some will exclaim that "machines shouldn't have free will," leading Nick to rhetorically ask if he believes that because he gave up his a long time ago. Another scenario is a generic Brotherhood member will state that Nick "disgusts" them, and Nick will retort that "the feeling's mutual."
    • Bringing Hancock aboard will cause a member to ask the Sole Survivor if "that thing" is "tame," which causes Hancock to chuckle and mumble "hardly."
    • Bringing Strong aboard causes a member to shout "mutie aboard," and Strong will say he is being too loud and he wants to throw him off the bow.
    • Bringing X6-88 aboard causes a member to observe that something is "off" about the Sole Survivor's "pal," and X6-88 will state his synth designation, status as a courser and casually state the fact that he could easily kill all personnel aboard without a second thought.
    • Bringing Dogmeat aboard causes some members to compliment him by saying that he is a tough-looking dog, or insult him.
  • When pickpocketed, most items will respawn periodically.
  • The two suits of T-60 power armor at the power armor stations can be accessed via the power armor workstation, therefore be upgraded and looted without stealing if one were to unequip them.
  • If the Prydwen is destroyed, the Brotherhood squires will disappear from the game, dying in the blast.
  • The main axis of the Prydwen model and its outside areas run east to west, but the main axis of the inside areas runs north to south.

Behind the scenes

  • The Prydwen shares its name with a ship from the early Welsh poem Preiddeu Annwfn, serving as the ship of King Arthur.
  • It is pronounced by multiple characters in different ways. Military Frequency AF95 broadcasts pronounce it "preed-win" whereas Paladin Danse pronounces it "prid-win;" the Welsh pronunciation is "prid-when."
  • The vehicle is mentioned in the Art of Fallout 4.[9]


  • PCPC Playstation 4Playstation 4 Xbox OneXbox One Stealing from the Prydwen armory can result in all Brotherhood NPCs turning hostile against the Sole Survivor. This can happen regardless of whether the Survivor is detected or not and can happen even if a Stealth Boy is used. Solutions include picking up the desired item and moving it outside the armory before stealing it. This does not alert the Brotherhood.[verified]
    • This only happens if a very significant amount of loot is stolen. [verified]
  • PCPC Playstation 4Playstation 4 Xbox OneXbox One Killing the Brotherhood lancer-sergeant on the northern Vertibird gantry may result, after a save and reload, in an invisible corpse with an un-targetable version of the NPC standing over it. The invisible corpse may be looted, and may even be moved, but will revert to its original position on reload. No known fix, but ultimately harmless. This bug has also been seen on the scribes along the flight deck.[verified]
  • PCPC Playstation 4Playstation 4 Xbox OneXbox One Following the completion of the quest Airship Down, the Prydwen will still appear as a fast travel destination in the Pip-Boy. Attempting to fast travel to the Prydwen will yield the message "Fast Travel is currently unavailable from this location" regardless of where attempted.[verified]
  • PCPC After killing Kellogg in the quest Reunions, the Prydwen may not be seen in the sky and Military frequency AF95 may not play. This can be fixed using the console command setstage 2bf21 1 This will teleport you to the roof of the Cambridge Police Station and tell you to board the vertibird.[verified]
  • [Platforms needed] Directing a companion towards the quarters section while it is still locked may result in the companion becoming stuck there.[verification overdue]



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The Prydwen