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The Poultry Enthusiasts Guide to Shenandoah is a paper note in Fallout 76, introduced in the Skyline Valley update.


Can be found on a small treetop wooden platform east of Research Site Bavaria. The note's writer, a deceased ornithologist, can be found in the middle of a nest slightly to the west.



I bumped into some travelers on the road and they were tucking into a giant fried turkey leg. It was so bizarre. I'd never imagined that those creatures could grow so large.

The travelers told me that the turkeys are feral and not to be trusted but they make for a great supper, if you can catch one.

I must find these creatures and study them: they'll make a great addition to my book.

Today I saw a nye of pheasants gathered around a rather strange and large nest. I intended to take a closer look at these nests to see what they are made up of.

Brilliant day! Today I saw one of the aforementioned turkeys in one of the nests! These turkeys are marvelous creatures, but just as feral as the travelers described.

God damn, I just saw one eat a Mole Rat!

They were just nesting as per usual, then one of them Moles popped out of the ground and in a flash, one snatched it with its claw!

It then began to shred the creature with it's razor sharp beak, throwing pieces into the air and swallowing them whole. This is far from what I'd expect from any bird none-the-less the turkey!

I feel I must approach with caution, these creatures are dangerous, perhaps they are even plotting against me! Last night I could have sworn I heard them stalking around my camp.

Those turkeys are up to something...

Behind the scenes[]

The last line of the note may be a reference to a meme image macro from the movie Chicken Run, in which a character is pictured saying "Those chickens are up to something."