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HAHA! I love it. Another slave wandered back here, huh? What's wrong, couldn't get over the bridge? You're lucky I don't fuckin' paste you.Mex

The Pitt bridge, known before the War as the Wabash bridge,[1][2] is a bridge in the Pitt in 2277.


According to terminal entries found in the Pitt Downtown, the bridge is a reconstruction of the Wabash Bridge, modeled after the 10th Street bridge.[2] The bridge is the only means of entrance to the Pitt, and is used by the Pitt raiders to control traffic in and out of the city. The Pitt raiders placed mines and other traps to stop Pitt slaves from escaping across the bridge or to keep out unwanted visitors, and a sniper to eliminate anything the mines miss.


At the south end of the bridge, there is a wildmen camp in a ruined building. A mole rat, two dogs, and three wildmen patrol the bridge. A hostile raider armed with a sniper rifle patrols on a jury-rigged walkway suspended from the bridge's north tower. By climbing up the scaffolding on the pedestrian walkway, it is possible to reach the sniper's nest to loot the sniper's rifle and several boxes of ammunition. It also has a bed that can be rested in to gain Well Rested. The northern end of the bridge serves as the entrance to the Pitt Downtown, where the main gate is guarded by Mex. The Monongahela River under the bridge is highly irradiated up to deadly levels.

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  • Because the sniper in the bridge's scaffolding is a regular raider, not a Pitt raider, they are always hostile, even if the Lone Wanderer sides with Ashur.
  • Even if the Lone Wanderer has disarmed the mines that kill the runaway slaves, they will still be killed by hidden, scripted explosions.


The Pitt bridge appears only in the Fallout 3 add-on The Pitt.

Behind the scenes

The Pitt bridge is based on the real South Tenth Street Bridge,[2] a bridge that crosses the Monongahela River in Pittsburgh. It is in the location of the Wabash Bridge, another real bridge in downtown Pittsburgh, demolished in 1948.


PCPC If one explores the heavily irradiated area around the bridge using console commands, such as tgm, the bridge above will become heavily and permanently irradiated upon returning.[verified]



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    Despite ruling The Pitt with an iron fist, there are still pockets of resistance throughout the city, not least of which is an old Slave Trading Post near the Wabash Bridge, which is now under the control of Wild Men. The bridge is dangerous trap-filled pathway with Vicious Dogs and a sniper, but it's better to face these than dive into the river below, as radioactive death is instantaneous. On the north side of the bridge, slaves periodically attempt to flee and are blown apart by the many scattered mine traps. Down the street is the main gate to Downtown, guarded by the ever-offensive Mex and his lackeys.
    Slave Trading Post
    This is the remains of a building once used as a staging ground for ferrying slaves into the city and holding slaves who have attempted escaping to freedom. This is now home to a group of mad Wild Men, driven crazy by "the sickness." When the Wild Men are nullified make a sweep for the following items:
    * Rad-X
    * First Aid Box
    Wabash Bridge
    Historical documents reveal this bridge was demolished sometime in the 20th century but was rebuilt later in the 21st century. It offers the only access to and from the city of The Pitt. Once a mighty thoroughfare, this is simply a debris-filled, trap-laden obstacle course."
    (Fallout 3 Game of the Year Edition Tour of The Pitt)
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