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Bombs destroyed Pittsburgh, and why? Because we were building bombs to destroy some other place.Skippy Roerich

The Pitt is the remains of the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It is located two hundred miles north of Appalachia.

It is the setting of the first Expeditions in Fallout 76. It is only accessible in the Expeditions mode and requires completing Responders Reborn to unlock Lennox' Vertibird.


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A group consisting of Captain Oliver Fields, Sergeant Fred Radcliff and Sergeant Thompson of the U.S. Armed Forces unsuccessfully attempted to liberate civilians located in the city.[1] A number of locals led by Paige banded together and fled the city, mentioning its toxic water.[2][3] Those that survived founded the settlement of Foundation in the Savage Divide.[4][5]

Prior to being employed by Dr. Blackburn in Appalachia, the Hellcat Company made deals with the group of raiders in the Pitt known as the Fanatics.[6][7][8]

After the Great War, the surviving residents of Pittsburgh, which soon became known locally as "The Pitt", got divided into two main warring factions, The Fanatics, and the Pittsburgh Union. There were also independent scavengers living in the city[9]. Parts of The Pitt that are accessible are Industrial and The Trench. Both have their own dangers like Industrial grade drain cleaner that escaped from where it was stored in what became The Trench.[10][11][12]

At some point prior to 2104, the Troglodyte Degeneration Contagion has started to affect many of the survivors who still live in the city instead of fleeing elsewhere, like Appalachia or Topeka.[13]. Trogs have since overrun parts of the city, and have also been known to breach the few remaining safe places in the Pitt.[14]

By the time that the Vault Dweller arrives to the Pitt for Expeditions, the city is in a state of chaos with constant fighting between the Fanatics and the Union. This is a major cause of unease for the few who remain unaligned with either faction. Currently, the Fanatics seem to have the upper hand as they have taken control of the Foundry, the Sanctum, and some other key places in the city.[15]



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Pittsburgh is mentioned in a terminal at Blackwater Mine and in the Holland Chase note.[16][17] Pittsburgh is also mentioned in notes that can be found scattered around Industrial and the Trench.[18][19][20]


The Pitt appears in Fallout 76, introduced in the Expeditions: The Pitt update.

Behind the scenes[]

  • In the Fallout 3 add-on The Pitt, it is never directly stated whether or not Pittsburgh was directly hit during the Great War. However, Jeff Gardiner stated in a March 2009 interview that Pittsburgh was never hit directly by atomic bombs.[Non-game 1] As Bethesda does not consider that quote to be part of the in-game canon,[Non-game 2] the Expeditions: The Pitt update for Fallout 76 established that Pittsburgh was, in fact, severely bombed during the Great War.[21][22]
  • The entry sign to the Pitt featured in the teaser trailer resembles the real world Pennsylvania welcome sign. It is the same sign that appeared in the Fallout 3 add-on The Pitt.
  • The Expeditions: The Pitt teaser trailer features glimpses of a story that is not part of the actual update. A group known as Expedition Squad Delta, made up of a vertibird pilot and soldiers Miller and Hernandez, arrived in the city. The expeditioners were attacked and killed by local creatures, leaving the pilot unaware of their whereabouts.[23]
    • According to Steve Massey, this teaser trailer was just a "look and feel" trailer, and was not part of any cut storyline.[Non-game 3] Because of this, the canonicity of the teaser trailer's story is unclear.


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