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The Pitt is a raider-dominated city built in the ruins of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It serves as the game world of the Fallout 3 add-on The Pitt.


After the Great War, local gangs took over the area. Diseases such as Troglodyte Degeneration Contagion turned the populace into various types of hostile creatures such as trogs and wildmen.[1][2]

On their way to the Capital Wasteland, the Brotherhood's forces came across the ruins of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.[3] After the war, the city was inhabited by gangs, raiders, and slavers living amidst sickness and destroyed infrastructure.[4][5] Over the course of one night, the Brotherhood led by Paladin Lyons swept through the city from over Mount Wash, wiping out all hostiles.[3] Afterward, the Brotherhood referred to the operation as the Scourge.[6]

Lyons' contingent left the city with around 20 healthy children, who were initiated into the Brotherhood.[7] Greg Bear, one of the children rescued, remains the only one still stationed at the Citadel approximately 30 years later.[5][8][9]

During the Scourge, Lyons' forces had one casualty, Initiate Ishmael Ashur, who was buried in rubble during the fight and presumed dead.[10] He survived and subsequently established the Pitt.[11][12] Residents such as Wernher recount how the area used to be much worse before the Brotherhood cleaned up the city.[13] He explains that due to the actions of the Brotherhood, the area is much safer than before, but also allowing Ashur to exert control over the city.[14]

Ashur established himself as the leader of the Pitt and began his goal of rebuilding its industry utilizing slave labor.[15] The steel mills were restarted, the slaves instructed to break down metal and reforge it.[16] He considers the act of kidnapping and enslaving wastelanders for forced labor to be both a necessary a temporary measure until a solution to the city's health crisis is found.[17][18] He believes his infant daughter Marie is immune to the diseases of the area and can be studied in order to create a cure.[19][20] Meanwhile, the slaves make plans to revolt and escape from Ashur's control.


Image Name Description
Pitt train yard.png
Train yard
The tunnel leading to the bridge is collapsed, preventing further journey on rails. A scouting party of Pitt raiders guards this yard, ready to report back to the main gate if any enemies are spotted or if slaves try to escape
FO3 The Pitt locations 3.jpg
A trap-filled pathway with dogs and a sniper. A ramp leads up to the sniper's nest. The bridge leads the main gate to Downtown, guarded by Mex.
FO3 The Pitt locations 19.jpg
Slaves work and live in this section of the Pitt. Raiders are located on the upper scaffold pathways and bridges.
Fallout 3 - Steel Yard.png
Slaves are ordered to collect steel ingots in this area, which consists of trogs and wildmen.
FO3 Megan Sawyer portfolio Pitt01.jpg
A series of destroyed buildings that serve as home to the raiders. To the east are the main courtyard and the entrance to the power plant and Haven interior.
Ashur's Palace.png
A skyscraper with a large statue located in front of the doorway. A courtyard and scaffolding walkways are located around the front entryway. Inside there are two levels and an elevator that leads to Ashur's residence.
The Pitt Underground.jpg
A series of sewer pipes and abandoned utility tunnels running under the city, serving as a passage between the steelyard and Uptown. Can be entered from a power plant off of the main plaza in front of Haven and from a manhole next to a collapsed rail tunnel in the steelyard.



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The Pitt appears in the Fallout 3 add-on The Pitt.

Behind the scenes


PCPC Xbox 360Xbox 360 Upon first return from The Pitt, the player character's Pip-Boy may have an orange outline on it, this will be fixed if the player restarts the game. [verified]



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    (Ishmael Ashur's dialogue)