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Summon the Wise Mothman by lighting the lighthouse lamp.

Event: The Path to Enlightenment is a public event in Fallout 76.

Quick walkthrough

Kill fireflies and radtoads to collect Bioluminescent fluid. Deposit bioluminescent fluid into the lamp (0/50).

Detailed walkthrough

If the event is active, when the player character approaches Landview Lighthouse, they will receive a radio transmission from Brother Moncrief, whose dead body can be found along with a note at the top of the lighthouse. The radio transmission tasks the party to gather bioluminescent fluids from fireflies to light the lighthouse and summon a mothman. The hill around the lighthouse will be filled with fireflies and radtoads, which will continually spawn while the event is active. The party must gather 50 bioluminescent fluids from these and put them in the lighthouse by activating the light at the top. Once this is done, the quest will be completed and random rewards given.

In addition to this, upon exiting the lighthouse, a wise mothman will be waiting outside the door. The player character can "commune" with the mothman to gain the "enlightened" status, giving 5% bonus XP for an hour.

This quest is also mandatory for the Entomologist Tadpole badge if doing it for The Order of the Tadpole.

Quest stages

Quest stages
StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
? Kill Fireflies to collect Bioluminescent FluidA lone cultist tried to summon the Wise Mothman by lighting the Old Lighthouse lamp. His plan to use the bioluminescent fluid from the fireflies might have succeeded had he not succumbed to his wounds.
? Deposit Bioluminescent Fluids in lamp (#/50)
? (Optional) Commune with the Wise Mothman
?Quest finishedThe Wise Mothman has come to share its wisdom!We successfully collected enough bioluminescent fluid to make the lighthouse lamp glow and summon the Wise Mothman
?Quest failedWe failed to collect enough bioluminescent fluid to make the lighthouse lamp glow once more before time ran out.


  • The radtoads may carry up to three bioluminescent fluids, while a firefly will only carry one.
  • As with all events, this can be repeated as often as the event is active, and has a time limit once started.
  • Prior to patch, it was possible to accidentally lose non-quest items out of the player's inventory by transferring bioluminescent fluids too quickly into the lighthouse container.