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The Paper Mirror is a side quest in the Fallout 4 Creation Club content "Anti-Materiel Rifle."

Detailed walkthroughEdit

The Sole Survivor starts the quest by investigating the Museum of Witchcraft near Salem. Once inside, find the player's story note in a display case lit by some candles. After reading it, the player is tasked to go to the Dugout Inn in Diamond City where he will find a bounty notice for a raider named Zane.

Zane can be found in the Concord Speakeasy where it appears he has decided to get drunk and take his own life. After reading Zane's story and learning about Zane's associates, the player is tasked to hunt down the three other members of Zane's gang.

  • Silas, the first gang member, can be found at the Faded Glory laundromat in Lexington. Silas will be hostile to the player, but once dealt with, the note Silas' story can be found on his corpse.
  • Connor, the second gang member, can be found at Camp Kendall. Connor and his new raider gang will be hostile to the player, but once dealt with, the player will be rewarded with a legendary anti-materiel rifle and the note Connor's story.
  • Ivy, the third and last gang member, can be found at the Prost bar. There, the player has two options:
    • Kill her despite her pleas, to obtain Ivy's story.
    • Spare Ivy by simply walking out of the bar. Once outside, the player will be greeted by three hostile bounty hunters. The Sole Survivor will find the note Bounty: Wanted in Beacon Hill on the bounty hunters' corpses, which turns out to be the reason behind the attack. After that, the player must check on Ivy, but back inside, the bar is empty since Ivy escaped during the fight after leaving her note on the pool table.

The order in which the player takes care of the different gang members doesn't matter, the quest will end once all three have been dealt with.

Quest stagesEdit

StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
1 Investigate the Museum of WitchcraftIn the past, I remember hearing about strange incidents occurring at the Museum of Witchcraft. Perhaps I should investigate and see if I can find anything useful.
5 Find the Anti-Materiel RifleI picked up the Anti-Materiel Rifle off Connor's body.
10 Check the bounty notice at the Dugout InnI went to the Museum of Witchcraft and found a strange book that predicted my future. It prompted me to go to the Dugout Inn to investigate further.
20 Find Zane and his gang at the Concord SpeakeasyAfter visiting the Dugout Inn, I found a bounty for a man named Zane who had been terrorizing the Commonwealth, along with members of his gang. Apparently, he's now holed up at the Speakeasy in Concord.
30 Find information on ZaneI entered the Concord Speakeasy and found Zane dead.
40 Find information on ZaneI found a list of Zane's associates on the table. Evidently, there are three other members of Zane's gang. Silas at the Lexington Laundromat, Connor near Greentech Genetics, and Ivy at the Prost Bar.
50 Find Silas at the Lexington LaundromatI found Silas at the Lexington Laundromat and finished him off.
60 Find Connor at the rooftop near Greenetech GeneticsI found Connor on a rooftop near Greentech Genetics and took care of him. On his body was a rifle.
70 Find Ivy at the Prost BarI located the Prost Bar and found Ivy holed up in the back room.
75 Kill IvyDespite her pleas, I finished off Ivy.
80 (Optional) Exit the bar and spare Ivy
100 I took care of all the members of Zane's gang and completed the story predicted in the pages of the occult book.
110 Stop the bounty huntersSeeing she wasn't a threat, I decided to spare Ivy and leave the bar. Upon exiting, I was confronted by three bounty hunters.
150 Find out what happened to IvyAll three bounty hunters are dead. I should go back and investigate the bar.
160Icon checkI entered the bar and found a copy of Ivy's story on the pool table.
200 I took care of all the members of Zane's gang with the exception of Ivy, whom I decided to spare. As a result of betraying the events in the book, it seemed bounty hunters were sent to finish the task. By saving her life, I was able to write a new end to both our stories.


Behind the scenesEdit

The Paper Mirror was written by Bethesda modder Kris Takahashi. The quest's title and premise are a reference to a quest of the same name in his most popular work, the Skyrim mod "Interesting NPCs."

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