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The Order of the Tadpole is a side quest in the Fallout 76 update Wild Appalachia.

Quick walkthrough[]

Side Quest: The Order of the Tadpole 
Talk to Scout Leader Jaggy at Camp Lewis
Revive a downed player character. 
Complete the Operation Tidy daily quest. 
Complete the Stings and Things daily quest. 
Earn three Tadpole badges
Return to Scout Leader Jaggy. 
Reward: 200 caps, 800 XP, Pioneer Scout backpack, standard backpack crafting, Tadpole backpack material crafting, random legendary armor piece 

Detailed walkthrough[]

Scout Leader Jaggy[]

Find Scout Leader Jaggy at Camp Lewis in the Pioneer Scout camp in the Toxic Valley along the shoreline of Grafton Lake. He is located near the building with the knowledge exam terminals and is authorized to recruit new members by setting them on the path to becoming Tadpole Scouts. Speak to him to begin the quest.

To earn the Tadpole badge, the player character will need to demonstrate Kindness, Helpfulness, Bravery and Growth. Jaggy will provide a Pioneer Scout Tadpole uniform, which will depend on the player characters' gender when receiving it: Skirts for girls, and shorts for boys.

Demonstrate Kindness: Revive a downed player character[]

The player character must revive another player with a stimpak. An easy way to do this is taking part in public events with other players.

Demonstrate Helpfulness: Clean Up Kiddie Corner Cabins[]

Complete Operation Tidy by doing the following:

  1. Speak to Scout Leader Pompy at Kiddie Corner Cabins.
  2. Pick up five toxic mutagenic waste as indicated on the map.
  3. Deposit the waste into a containment barrel at the Kiddie Corner Cabins.

Demonstrate Bravery: Control Pests at Dolly Sods[]

Complete Stings and Things by doing the following:

  1. Talk to Pioneer Scout Leader Treadly.
  2. Acquire a bloatfly gland, a bloodbug proboscis, radroach meat, a stingwing barb and a tick blood sac in any order.
  3. Return to Pioneer Scout Leader Treadly.

Demonstrate Growth: Earn 3 Pioneer Scout Badges[]

Three Tadpole Badges must be collected. The complete list can be found in the Challenge section, under 'World' in the main menu.

Return to Scout Leader Jaggy[]

Return to Scout Leader Jaggy to complete the quest and become a Possum scout. He will reward the player character with 200 caps, Pioneer Scouts-related crafting items, and plans, a Pioneer Scout backpack and a random legendary armor piece.

N.B. Talking to any Scout leader after demonstrating Pioneer Scout values will also complete the quest.

Also, completion of Pompy or Treadly's repeatable daily quests again have the possibility of awarding additional Tadpole or Possum badges depending on if this quest has been completed yet or not, which can then be redeemed at their respective vending machines for apparel or crafting plans, such as modifications for the backpack.

Quest stages[]

Quest stages
StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
? Go to Camp LewisApparently the Pioneer Scouts are looking for new members. I should head over to Camp Lewis to join up.
? Find the Source of the NoisesThere's quite a racket here at Camp Lewis. I should see what's going on.
? Listen to Scout Leader JaggyI am a proud new member of the Pioneer Scouts, with the starting rank of "Tadpole". Once I prove myself I can rank up. I better get to it.
? Demonstrate Pioneer Scout Values (#/4)
? Kindness: Revive an AllyI have demonstrated my "kindness" successfully.
? Helpfulness: Clean Up Kiddie Corner CabinsI've demonstrated my helpfulness by cleaning up toxic waste.
? Bravery: Control Pests at Dolly SodsI've demonstrated my bravery by battling bugs.
? Growth: Earn Pioneer Scout Badges (#/3)I've demonstrated my personal growth by earning merit badges.
?Quest finishedSpeak with a Scout LeaderTime to get my promotion to my next rank.
I'm now a proud Possum!

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