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The Old Guard, Vol 14: Ch 2 is a paper note in the Fallout 76 update Wastelanders, written by Sergeant Radcliff.


The note can be found in Founder's Hall, on a table in the southernmost cabin. It is only available after Duty Calls.


The Old Guard

Volume 14: Chapter 2

Ok, where was I? Right ... when I first signed up, it was an all hands situation. We'd just gone to war. I was a dumb kid like all the others ... but Fields watched my back, made sure my armor was in good repair. I only lost one toe to frostbite, compared to Thompson's three. So when the shit hit the fan in Pittsburgh, you know I was expecting him to be all over saving those civvies we ran across. I never expected he'd blow his knee out just getting to his armor. Never expected he'd get shot.
Thompson had Angel and Odysseus protect him when he went down or he'd be dead now, but it was rough to see. Angel lost her front leg from that. I found myself thinking, you know ... we're all getting so old, our last suit of armor's all beat to shit. Even if we make it out of this alright, he's going to be wearing the rig again for a while just to take the weight off his knee. Why shouldn't we just join those civvies, finally retire, just forget the past like all the other old jerks out there who lived through it.
That night, we finally heard the broadcast again. It made everything feel a little less final. Our cores would run out soon, the armor was basically done for, but there were other ex-military folks still out there in Appalachia. We figured you know, what's one more winter of this misery? It's only September. We're not that far away, if we can avoid the hot zones. Won't take that long, we'll just take some time for Fields to heal up.
We held on to the hope of meeting those troops for a long time after the last broadcast. Maybe they had an equipment failure. Maybe they weren't dead. Or I dunno, maybe if they were dead, then they at least knew where other remnants of the military were hiding out. Lots of maybes. ...

Behind the scenes

Captain Fields, Sergeant Thompson, Sergeant Radcliff, Private Lucky, Odysseus, and Angel are all identified as members of The Old Guard. Their presence is a nod to the real-world 947th Military Police Detachment, part of the U.S. Army’s 4th Battalion, 3d U.S. Infantry Regiment, otherwise known as The Old Guard. This unit has the second largest Military Working Dog detachment in the continental United States and works closely with the U.S. Secret Service, identical to their role in Fallout 76.