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Recruit Johnny Weston for the Vault 79 heist.

The Ol' Weston Shuffle is a main quest in the Fallout 76 update Wastelanders.


Meeting Gentleman Johnny "Two-Guns" Weston

  • Speak to Johnny at the Crater Core. He will instantly agree to participate in the heist, on one condition: Saving his old partner, Hal Gleeson, from the Watoga Civic Center arena. The plan is simple: Since slaves are often forced to fight in the arena, Johnny will pass the player off as his property, allowing him to participate in the competition. Johnny will rig the competition to allow the player to get close to Hal.
  • The player has to enter the Watoga Civic Center proper, from the entrance on the eastern side of the building. Johnny will remind them of the little charade he's playing and enter the slave staging area. He will explain that the player's character suffers from diarrhea, which is why he skipped the front entrance, and the slave manager will relent in disgust, demanding only that the explosive collar is placed promptly. Johnny will move to the back of the locker area, and go over the plan (and explain his over-the-top collar, an English holdout called Reginald P. Humphries). The collar is a dud, which means that losing in the arena means skipping to Plan B: Killing everyone. Being killed during the competition has no consequences, as one is still being able to complete the round before time expires.
    • A Charisma 8+ dialogue option is available if the player does not like the diarrhea backstory and the nickname the Septic Survivor they get assigned. Asking Johnny to treat the Vault Dweller with a little more dignity will make Johnny apologize and tone it down just a bit to maintain the cover (which means the Vault Dweller is given the Atomic Avenger moniker instead).
  • Johnny will direct the player to sit on the marked bench nearby until their name is called. After sitting on the marked bench, the player will then be able to enter the arena for the first round.

First round

  • First round: defeat two-three waves of leveled feral ghouls in under five minutes. After dispatching them, the end of round results are announced. Nuclear Don and an arena guard will come out to the floor. Beating the time limit results in Don being declared a loser and the management detonates his bomb collar. Afterwards, the player has to exit the arena back into the locker room.
  • Speaking to Johnny will give two options: Either stealing the late Nuclear Don's special drug stash or hacking the turrets. The player can also refuse either to fight fairly.
  • Either way, to progress, they have to sit on the marked bench again to wait for round two to begin.

Second round

  • Second round: defeat leveled floaters in under four minutes, in order to keep Johnny's plan intact. Additionally, any chosen boost option to aid the player will be available.
  • Wait for the end of round results again. Deathklaus and an arena guard will come out to the floor, where Deathklaus will die by his bomb collar for losing the round. Afterwards, exit the arena back into the locker room to prepare for round three.
  • Johnny will again offer boosts (except for the one used up in the previous rounds): Chems, turrets, or convincing Maximum Maddie to intentionally lose the last round in order to assist the player.
    • If chems are chosen, Johnny will distract the arena guard's attention, to give the player time to loot Don's locker (three minutes).
    • If Maddie is chosen, Johnny will ask the player to distract the arena guard, Glenn, so that he can talk to Maddie. Talking to him will offer an unique Charisma 4+ option to engage him in small talk, giving some insight into his life.
  • After the player makes their choice, it's back to sitting on the marked bench again to wait for the final round to begin. Re-enter the arena for round three.
    • Boost options: Choice of one unused boost from round two or convincing the opponent to throw the match, removing the time limit.

Third round

  • Third round: defeat a leveled legendary Grafton Monster in under three minutes. Flamethrower traps and explosive canisters can be used as environmental hazards to help defeat the creature. In addition, any individual boost Johnny offered to the player.

End of the competition

  • Wait for the end of round results. Maddie and Glenn will appear for the traditional decapitation. After Maddie loses her head, Johnny will appear.
  • Talk to Johnny for the next step of the plan. Johnny will tell the player that Sargento is coming, and he will want the player to drink from the winner's cup. It's laced with a heavy sedative to knock them out - general measure to ensure slaves don't do anything stupid.
  • Johnny will give the player a key to rescue Hal and meet up with him afterwards. The plan is simple: Drink the cup, be sold to Sargento by Johnny - the performance made him willing to pay any price - and then meet Johnny back in the arena.
    • A Charisma 12+ dialogue option is available to ensure that the player receives a larger cut from being bought by Sargento. Johnny will agree to the idea.
  • Sargento will appear on the floor after the conversation with Johnny. He will converse with Johnny to finalize the purchase. After the conversation, Sargento will hand the player the winner's cup.
  • The player will then automatically drink it, a fading-to-black screen following and subsequently waking up in a viewing booth, Hal appearing in front of them. Speak to Hal to continue.

Escaping the arena

  • Hal will give the player two options: one is to either pick the lock (or use the key), and risk alerting the guards, or the second is to use a hole in the wall behind the bookshelf (by activating it) and try to sneak past the guards through an unlocked door.
  • After sneaking past or fighting the guards, Johnny will be in the middle of the arena on the floor to rendezvous with the player and Hal.
  • After a brief exchange between Hal and Johnny, Johnny will shoot Hal. Speak to Johnny again. He will explain why he killed Hal, and asks the player to tell Meg that he will get a 50% pay cut of the loot or else he will decline the job.
    • A Charisma 8+ dialogue option is available to haggle Johnny's pay cut down to 25%. The quest completes once Johnny has finished speaking to the player.

Quest stages

Quest stages
StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
? Speak with JohnnyRecruit Johnny Weston for the Vault 79 heist
? Meet Johnny at the Watoga Civic CenterMeg won't do the job unless "Gentleman" Johnny Weston is on board, but it will be subject to his whims. I need to convince him that it's worth doing.
? Speak with JohnnyJohnny agreed to do the vault job. Of course, he won't do it unless I help him first. We need to win an arena fight so I can help him free his friend, Hal. First I need to meet Johnny at the Watoga Civic Center.
I'm at the Watoga Civic Center. I just need to find Johnny and talk to him about the plan.
? Follow JohnnyI'm acting as Johnny's slave, and he's taken on a secret identity as my owner. I need to be careful not to blow it by acting out of character.
? Speak with JohnnyJohnny needs to fill me in with the details so I know what I'm doing in the Arena. I should talk to him.
? Round 1: Sit and wait to be calledI need to wait until it's my turn in the arena. I should take a seat on the bench and let the time tick by until I'm called in to fight.
? Round 1: Enter the ArenaIt's round one, and my turn to fight. I should follow the announcer's cue and head into the arena.
? Round 1: Fight all the CreaturesRound one: fight. I need to defeat whatever they throw at me as quickly as possible. I don't want to blow my chance at doing this Johnny's way by coming in last place.
? Time to beat
? Wait for the end of the round resultsI've completed the first round, and I need to wait for the results.
? Meet with JohnnyJohnny's waiting in the locker room. Maybe he'll have some ideas of how we can tip this competition in our favor.
? All Players must be in the locker room to proceed
? Round 2: Sit and wait to be calledRound two will be starting soon. I need to wait on the bench until it's my turn to fight again.
? Round 2: Enter the ArenaThe announcer called my name. It's time to head into the arena and begin round two.
? Round 2: Fight all the CreaturesRound two has started. I need to defeat this challenge, and beat the time so I don't come in last place and blow Johnny's plan.
? Time to beat (3:45)
? Wait for the end of the round resultsI've completed the second round, and I need to wait for the results.
? Meet with JohnnyThat was intense, but I managed to complete round two! Time to meet with Johnny again, and see if there's anything he can do to help me out.
? All Players must be in the locker room to proceed
? Round 3: Sit and wait to be calledRound three is starting. Same deal. I should pass the time by resting up on the bench until they call me out to fight.
? Round 3: Enter the ArenaI was just called. I need to head into the arena for the final round three fight.
? Round 3: Fight the CreatureMy round three fight has started against a hulking Grafton Monster. I'll need to be resourceful and defeat it as quickly as possible if I want to win the competition.
? Time to beat (2:07)
? Wait for the end of the round resultsI've completed the third round, and I need to wait for the results.
? Meet with JohnnyI've come in first place, and Johnny has come out to the Arena floor. I should speak with him to find out what he has learned and find out what we need to do next.
? Drink from the Winner's CupSargento, the arena owner, gave me the winner's cup. I'll need to drink it to avoid blowing my cover. It will supposedly make me black out, then they'll transfer me to a holding cell, where I should find Hal.
? Speak with HalI'm locked in a room with Hal. I should talk to him to let him know I'm here to help, then we can formulate a plan for escape.
? Escape and Meet with JohnnyHal has given me two options to escape. We can pick the lock, and risk alerting the guards, or we can sneak through an escape hole that Hal was working on, and try to avoid detection altogether.
? Defeat the HooligansHal and I found our way to Johnny. Now that I've done what he asked, he should hold up to his end of the bargain and join us for the vault job.
? Speak with JohnnySo much for that! Johnny just shot and killed Hal! I need to confront him and find out what that was all about!
? Speak with MegTurns out Johnny just wanted to find Hal to exact some sort of revenge. At least he agreed to join us on the vault job. I should go report back to Meg.
? Let Meg know you're ready to raid Vault 79It sounds like I need to be sure I want to go with Meg and her crew for the vault job. If I choose the raiders, I won't be able to work with the settlers. I'll let Meg know when I'm ready.
? Get the ChemsJohnny is going to distract the guard while I steal chems out of Nuclear Don's locker. They should help give me an edge in my next fight.
I got the chems. Now I need to go wait on the bench for my name to be called for the next round. OR
I didn't steal the chems in time, and now it's too late. I'll just have to go without them and wait on the bench to be called for the next round.
? Distract the GuardJohnny is going to try to convince Maximum Maddie to throw the round, which will help guarantee a win for me. I need to distract the guard so Johnny can work his magic.
I distracted the guard long enough for Johnny to convince Maddie to throw the round. Now, I just need to sit on the bench and wait to be called for the next round. OR
I didn't do a good job of distracting the guard, so Johnny's plan didn't work. I'll just have to wait on the bench to be called for the next round, and go into the fight without an advantage.
? Defeat the Firing SquadI've really screwed up. Sargento tried to blow my collar, so now he realizes he's been conned. Now he's sent his firing squad after me to kill me. Johnny and I are going to have to fight our way out of here!
? Follow Johnny to find HalWe still need to find Hal, among all this chaos I've created. He's being held in a room on the top floor.