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The Nukashine is a location in the basement of Morgantown's Big Al's Tattoo Parlor.


Judy Lowell, the president of Vault-Tec University's Eta Psi Epsilon Tau fraternity, leased the basement of the tattoo parlor, turning the cellar into "the Nukashine." The location served as a speakeasy for VTU students, where alcohol such as Nukashine itself was tested by Biv, a prototype robobrain obtained by fellow student Lewis.[1]


The Nukashine is accessible through the tattoo parlor. Vault Dwellers can inspect the Nuka-Cola machine in the break room, revealing the entrance to the location.

The Nukashine is a small speakeasy-style bar, containing a stage with musical instruments, a restroom, and a distillery where Biv can be found alongside two brewing stations. Past the brewing area is a locked storage room with Nuka kegs where Lewis used to keep nuclear material for brewing Nukashine.

The storage room is only accessible once the party obtains the relevant password from the Eta Psi House or while in the company of one who has the password.

Notable loot

  • Nukashine ingredients pt. 2 - Note, in a locked supply closet.
  • Warning! - Note, pinned to the table that the flash fermenter sits on (cannot be taken).
  • Two potential Vault-Tec bobbleheads:
    • In the Nukashine, behind the bar counter, on the far left side of the top shelf, in the corner beside a towel.
    • On the table in the distillery supply room (quest-related terminal needed for access).
  • Potential magazine - In the brew room where Biv is, next to the entry door and the first brewing station past the stairs, on a barrel.


Playing any of the instruments is part of the Possum: Musician challenge.


Nukashine appears in Fallout 76.

Behind the scenes

  • The song playing in the Nukashine is "Tea at the Ritz," composed by Heinz Lohr and licensed from APM Music.[2]
  • The Nukashine was designed by Steve Massey.[Non-game 1]



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