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The Nucleus (formerly Mount Desert Island Naval Facility) is a pre-War United States Navy submarine base, and after DiMA made it his home, allowed the Church of the Children of Atom to settle the location. In return for the new home and center of worship,[1] they agreed to protect his old memories from being accessed.


The Nucleus, or rather the Mount Desert Island Naval Facility, is a former United States Navy submarine pen, still housing the derelict USS Democracy in its dry dock. While there for repairs and refitting[2] the submarine's reactor was sabotaged by the captain, Arnold Wabash. With the Democracy's nuclear reactor leaking radiation, its crew and captain were recalled while hazmat teams worked around the clock to clean the facility and make the submersible usable again. However, the process would take weeks to complete. Admiral Edward Grath suspected foul play and informed Captain Wabash that he would file the court-martial personally if he was responsible.[3] The personnel of the base would survive the nuclear bombardment, and so would the admiral,[4] but not the captain.[5]

Following the Great War, the facility lay idle, its radiation keeping people away, until around 2178. After DiMA landed on the Island, he found the facility and made it his home. Sometime later, Faraday joined DiMA, and, after the Church of the Children of Atom was exiled from Far Harbor, the congregation led by Confessor Martin were guided to the facility by the Mother of the Fog.[6][7][8] Afterward, DiMA departed to found Acadia, leaving the base in safe hands.[9] While there, however, DiMA used the base's computers to expand his limited storage capacity, offloading the oldest memories into the pen's data banks.[10] For their new home, Confessor Martin agreed to guard his memories.


The facility exterior, made almost entirely of concrete, is built into the side of a mountain. Upon entry, there are two doors on the left that each lead to a locker room. If one continues down the hallway, they will arrive at the base. On the right is the Vessel, a pre-War submarine.

Continuing forward through a wooden shack, there is a wooden ramp up. If one goes up, they will arrive at the shopfront of Sister Mai, and a little bit further is the shopfront of the Archemist. Turning left and going up the stairs leads to Brother Kane and a power armor station. Going further up the stairs will lead to the entrance to the Nucleus Command Center, guarded by a zealot.

Going straight from the Archemist's shopfront, there is a staircase that goes up on the right and a staircase that goes down on the left. The staircase on the right goes through multiple wooden shacks to end up at the entrance to the Vessel. The staircase down leads to Zealot Ware. From Zealot Ware, there is another staircase on the right that leads to the bottom of the Vessel and a ramp. The ramp also leads to the entrance to the Vessel.


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When visiting while wearing power armor, the Children may comment about how Atom powers the suit.


The Nucleus appears only in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.



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