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The Overseer needs your help.

The New Arrivals is a main quest in the Fallout 76 update Wastelanders.


With Appalachia repopulating, the Vault 76 overseer wants to ensure the horrors that nearly caused humanity go extinct are put to rest. To deliver the death blow to the Scorched Plague and allow humanity to settle down permanently, she requests the assistance of the Vault Dwellers to help her convince the newly arrived Raiders and Settlers to inoculate themselves against the Plague.

Quick walkthrough

Wastelanders main quest: The New Arrivals
Listen to the overseer's broadcast.
Reach level 20.
Talk to the overseer at the overseer's home in Sutton.
Complete An Ounce of Prevention.
Talk to the overseer at the overseer's home.
Complete Here to Stay and Strange Bedfellows.
Talk to the overseer at the overseer's home.
Formulate and produce the scorched plague vaccine at the Kanawha Nuka-Cola plant.
Reward: 250 XP
Deliver the vaccine to Paige and Meg.
Talk to the overseer at the overseer's home.
Reward: Nuka-Cola Vaccinated recipe, random aid item, random ammo, and random weapon, armor, or plan
Leads to: Overseer, Overseen

Detailed walkthrough

The quest starts either upon entering the Overseer's home, by reaching level 20, or after completing the quests for The Wayward with The Elusive Crane.

When the quest starts, one can tune into the overseer's radio station on the Pip-Boy 2000 Mark VI, where she will ask all Vault Dwellers to meet her at her new home in Sutton. The overseer's home can be found on the hill overlooking town to the east, across the railroad tracks leading south to Sutton Station. Upon entering, she will invite the player characters down to the basement, introducing them to her Mister Handy assistant Davenport, and inquire as to if they completed their original mission from her when they first left Vault 76 and followed her trail and that of the Responders to Charleston and the AVR Medical Center regarding the Scorched Plague.

Advancing this quest past this point requires the player to be at least level 20, or else the overseer claims she feels the Vault Dweller needs to be better prepared, and suggests they look for more information about the Responders at Flatwoods. Additionally, the quest An Ounce of Prevention must be completed and the Vault Dweller must be inoculated with the vaccine at AVR Medical Center.

Her reasons for asking about the inoculation are due to her concern about the new factions that have come to Appalachia. She asks the player characters to travel to Foundation at Spruce Knob to speak to the leader of the settlers and to talk to Rose about getting in with the raiders at their new main settlement, the Crater, at the crashed Valiant-1 space station, so as to give them the inoculation against the Scorched Plague. If they fall victim to the Scorched and scorchbeasts, it could be the events before Vault 76 opened all over again with the Scorched and scorchbeast queen able to get beyond Appalachia's borders to spread their influence due to a lack of cooperation between the various groups.

After the overseer asks the player characters to speak with the settlers and raiders, the quest will not advance until completing the first quests for both groups, which are Here to Stay for the Settlers and Strange Bedfellows for the Raiders, respectively.

Producing the inoculation

Once Paige and Meg have agreed to allow the settlers and raiders to be given the inoculation, report back to the overseer. She will explain the need to mass-produce the inoculation. With Intelligence or Perception 4+ the player character can figure out that she means using the Kanawha Nuka-Cola plant southwest of Charleston for the purpose since it's already fitted with the necessary infrastructure for experimental beverages.

The player character is asked to head over to the Nuka-Cola plant and clear it out. They must progress through the plant, facing enemies such as low-level feral ghouls outside and a glowing wendigo or legendary feral ghouls inside with the high-level feral ghouls. Then one may speak with the overseer. In combat, the overseer is marked as essential and cannot be permanently killed.

The first stop for the player character is the biometric scanner that can be found upstairs. The player character must use it to have their blood drawn for use in the Nuka-Cola, then use the device at the other end to mix the blood's antibodies into the formula. With Intelligence or Perception 8+, one can set up the sequence themselves (either directly splicing the antibodies in or cross-referencing with experiment logs), otherwise they can ask the overseer for help.

The player character must progress to the rear of the facility to reach the plant reactors, and bring them online. If one has Intelligence or Luck 8+, they can fix them immediately. Otherwise, they'll have to find spare power couplings.

The final stop is back in the snackability research and development department. The player character must access the manufacturing terminal by the entrance and select a name for the latest Nuka-Cola flavor. The choices are Nuka-Cola Vaccinated, Nuka-Cola Scorched, or Nuka-Cola My Blood's In It. They must also choose an age group (younger individuals, older individuals, or anybody who is sick and dying), garnering some witty banter from the overseer. Then one can head over to the manufacturing machine and hit the button to start the assembly line. After a few seconds, freshly-made Nuka-Cola Vaccinated will roll out of the machine, ready to be collected.


The player character will now have the ability to craft Nuka-Cola Vaccinated as a healing item. Satisfied with now having the means to prevent the spread of the Scorched Plague among the newcomers to Appalachia, including the settlers and raiders, the overseer remains behind to continue making more of the inoculation while the player characters head out to deliver the first batch to Paige, Meg, and all their people, then report back to the overseer's house in Sutton for a progress report.

The player character can then visit Paige in Foundation and Meg at the Crater and give the inoculation to them. Both will be skeptical of it coming in the form of Nuka-Cola. Both can be convinced on the spot that it's the real deal, with a Charisma or Strength 4+ check for Paige, and a Charisma or Intelligence +4 check for Meg, which also earns a little extra reputation with the factions.

Once they accept the inoculation and thank the player characters for ensuring their people don't become the next victims of the scorchbeasts or their queen, the player characters return to the overseer's house to report mission accomplished. This completes the quest and begins the next one, Overseer, Overseen.

Davenport will also be available to talk to as a miscellaneous objective to start a daily quest as well focusing on the settlers and raiders, called Photo Opportunity.

Quest stages

Quest stages
StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
? Listen to the Overseer's Broadcast on the radioI'm picking up a radio transmission from the Overseer! I should tune in my Pip-Boy to listen in.
? Get to Level 20Before I can undertake the Overseer's mission, I have to get better equipped and experience more.
? Talk to the OverseerThe Overseer is in Sutton! I should go and speak to her.
? Meet with the OverseerI finally met up with the Overseer in Sutton, but before I can take on her next mission, I need to complete the inoculation against the Scorched Plague.
? Follow the OverseerNow that I'm inoculated against the Scorched Plague, I should speak to the Overseer back at her home in Sutton.
? Talk to the OverseerI found the Overseer in Sutton. I should speak with her to find out what she's been doing.
? Complete "An Ounce of Prevention"I spoke to the Overseer in Sutton. She said she has an important mission for me but wants me to gain some more experience first.
? Talk to the OverseerNow that I've gained more experience, I should visit the Overseer at her home in Sutton and see if I'm ready for the mission.
? Complete "Strange Bedfellows"The Overseer wants to make sure I'm inoculated against the Scorched Plague. She said the Responders were working on a vaccine at AVR Medical. I need to find and finish their research.
I completed the inoculation at AVR Medical and am now vaccinated against the Scorched Plague. I should go see the Overseer at her home in Sutton and find out what's next.
? Complete "Here to Stay"According to the Overseer, two new settlements have been built in Appalachia, the Crater and Foundation. I need to convince their leaders to get inoculated against the Scorched Plague.
I convinced the Raider leader at the Crater, Meg, to get inoculated against the Scorched Plague. Now I just need to convince the leader of the settlers.
I convinced the settler leader at Foundation, Paige, to get inoculated against the Scorched Plague. Now I just need to convince the leader of the Raiders.
? Talk to the OverseerI met with the leaders of Crater and Foundation, Meg and Paige, and convinced them to get their people inoculated against the Scorched Plague. I should return to the Overseer in Sutton to deliver the news and find out what's next.
With Crater and Foundation prepared to accept the inoculation, it's time to mass produce it. The Overseer believes we can use the Kanawha Nuka-Cola Plant if we can get it up and running. I need to meet her there and see what we're dealing with.
? Meet the Overseer at the Kanawha Nuka-Cola PlantI've arrived at the Kanawha Nuka-Cola plant. I should find the Overseer to find out what's next.
? Talk to the Overseer
? Check the ReactorsI've met the Overseer at the Kanawha Nuka-Cola plant. Now we just need to get the power back on, provide the formula for the inoculation, and prep the machines to manufacture it.
? Find Power Couplings
? (Optional) Try to jury-rig the Reactors
? Repair the Reactors
? Check the Flavor LabI need to get everything ready for manufacturing the inoculation at the Kanawha Nuka-Cola plant. I was able to get the reactors up and running. Now I just need to create the formula using the Flavor Lab.
? Enter the Biometric Scanner
? Calibrate the Flavor SequencerI need to get everything ready for manufacturing the inoculation at the Kanawha Nuka-Cola plant. I was able create the formula using the Flavor Lab. Now I just need to get the reactors up and running.
? Protect the Overseer
? Initiate the Manufacturing ProcessThe reactor is running and the inoculation formula is set. I must update the assembly line with the new formula before I can begin production. I need to find the Manufacturing Control terminal somewhere in Kanawha Nuka-Cola plant.
? Start the Assembly LineI've gotten the Kanawha Nuka-Cola plant all set and ready to manufacture the inoculation. All that's left to do is start up the assembly line.
? Pick Up the Nuka-ColaI was finally able to start the assembly line to create the Nuka-Cola inoculation at the Kanawha Nuka-Cola plant. I should pick up my final product on the conveyor belt so I can deliver it to Meg and Paige.
? Deliver the inoculation to MegI have fresh cases of the Scorched Plague inoculation. Now I just need to deliver them to Meg and Paige.
? Deliver the inoculation to Paige
? Talk to the OverseerThe inoculation has been delivered. Time to talk to the Overseer in Sutton and see what's next.
?Quest finishedThe new settlements are inoculated against the Scorched. The Overseer has asked me to work on solving the mystery of Vault 79.


PCPC After retrieving the Nuka-Cola Vaccinated, disconnecting within the factory and going inside the building again after reconnecting, will make the steps to make the Nuka-Cola vaccine reappear, despite being able to deliver them already. The steps can be re-done, though the overseer will not be accompanying the player. Upon interacting with crafted Nuka-Cola, the option to pick them up will not appear, as the items are already in the player's inventory. The quest can be safely continued.[verification overdue]