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The Mysterious Stranger is a paper note in Fallout 4.


It can be found under a bed on the first floor of the Valentine Detective Agency, next to a hot plate and ammo can, in Diamond City.


CASE: The Mysterious Stranger

Sightings of a man dubbed "The Mysterious Stranger" have been popping up sporadically across the old U.S. for years now.

Best case, the man's an amoral lunatic.

Worst case, a prolific serial killer.

All anyone knows is his MO: appearing suddenly, killing without remorse, disappearing without a word. "The Stranger" has no known accomplices, no clear method for selecting his targets, no calling cards left behind.

Sightings range from the NCR all the way to the East Coast, stretching back decades. Now he's come to the Commonwealth.

Last thing this place needs is another psychopath running amok. Time to start putting together the pieces to put this one away.

Human male. Outfits vary, but most recent sightings describe a large overcoat and fedora (guy has taste, I'll give him that much).

One man? Multiple men? A Ghoul with minimal scarring? Might explain the long passages of time between sightings.

Appears and disappears suddenly, suggesting preternatural infiltration abilities/access to advanced cloaking tech.

All but the earliest descriptions suggest "The Stranger" uses only conventional arms, making infiltration training more likely.

(Perps like this make me wish the Institute had sprung for thermal detection before giving me the boot.)

- The Commonwealth (confirmed)
- Capital Wasteland (confirmed)
- NCR (old rumors)
- Shady Sands (really old rumors)


  • The sighting locations reference the Stranger's appearances in the different Fallout games: Commonwealth – Fallout 4; Capital Wasteland – Fallout 3; NCR – Fallout 2; Shady Sands – Fallout and Fallout 2.
  • This note respawns.