I'm Belle Bonny, and this is the Muddy Rudder. I'll tell you what I tell all the fresh meat. Don't start anything down here or I`ll have Brock kick your ass.Belle Bonny

The Muddy Rudder is a bar located in Rivet City's lower deck.


Belle Bonny says she has owned and operated the bar for thirty years since 2247.[1] It is guarded by Brock the bouncer, who gets into fights frequently with Sister.

Trinnie, Tammy Hargrave, Brock, Sister, and Butch DeLoria (after Trouble on the Homefront) frequent the place.


There is a pool table on the top floor and a couple of chairs with Brock guarding the door. On both sides of the top floor are staircases that lead to the bar. Downstairs there are a few tables with random miscellaneous objects and food items like iguana-on-a-stick.

All the way in the back of the bar is a Very Easy locked door to Belle Bonny's room which has a few beds and |footlockers with some food items.

Notable lootEdit

There are 31 shot glasses, the highest amount in a single area in the game.


  • Following the Trouble on the Homefront quest (regardless of how it was completed), Butch can be found here. He will join the player character in their adventures if they have neutral Karma, otherwise, he will tell them that they don't have what it takes to be in his "gang."
  • Trinnie will disclose the location of Belle's 'stash' after giving her 25 caps for drinks (done by giving 5 caps 5 times).
  • Belle's stash is under the first bed on the left. It will be empty unless Trinnie tells the player character about it.


The Muddy Rudder appears only in Fallout 3.


Xbox 360Icon xbox360 If the player manages to get Butch into the Muddy Rudder, they can talk to him but there will be no dialogue options. [verified]



  1. Belly Bonny's dialogue: "Don't tell me how to run my business, Brock. These prices have worked for 30 years, and they be fine for 30 more.
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