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Perform a ritual to summon the Wise Mothman at the height of his power.

Event: The Mothman Equinox is a seasonal event in Fallout 76, introduced in the Night of the Moth update.

Quick walkthrough[]

  • Speak to Interpreter Clarence (Duration 4m)
  • Listen to the Interpreter's instructions
  • Prepare for the ritual (Duration 10m)[1]
  • Light pyres (0/3)
  • Defend the Ritual Pyres
    1. The heretics are approaching the Church Pyre... (Duration 12s)
    2. The heretics are approaching the Bridge Pyre... (Duration 12s)
    3. The heretics are approaching the Waterside Pyre... (Duration 12s)
    • Fend off the first wave
    • Fend off the second wave
    • Fend off the final wave (Duration 90s)
  • Perform merriment atop the Mothman Museum (0/30) (Duration 90s)[3]
  • Cut content Light candles (0/?)
  • Cut content Harvest perfect mothman eggs (0/?)


  • Deposit perfect mothman eggs into the Cradle of the Pretenders during the preparation stage. This will replace the vengeful mothmen with mothmen hatchlings.

Detailed walkthrough[]

FO76 object moth cultistpyre01

Destroy the vines

At the top of the hour (XX:00 AM/PM), players gather in Point Pleasant as they have been summoned by the Wise Mothman's followers, The Enlightened, led by Wise Charles the Forewarned, to commence a ritual to summon the Wise Mothman to share his wisdom with them. Speaking with Wise Charles' assistant and the one in charge of the ceremony, Interpreter Clarence, Clarence asks the players to aid in the summoning of the Wise Mothman by first removing the vines that bind them at the will of the Dim Ones.[4] There are three pyres in all:

  • One by the waterfront.
  • One by the collapsed bridge.
  • One in the church that served as a Responders outpost.
FO76 object moth bloodtrough02

Gather blood

Once the vines are removed, the observer at each pyre will then ask the player characters to take care of one of three objectives around Point Pleasant:

  • Observer Errol requests that the Mothman prophets scattered around the town be slain for contaminating the Wise Mothman's grounds with their heresy. There are six in all. They will easily give away their positions with the radium rifles they are using as the radioactive clicking from the bullets zipping past will be a telltale sign of their whereabouts, along with their camouflage clothing/ghillie suits and Mothman eye goggles.
  • Observer Marlon requests that the totems around town be destroyed to prevent them from disrupting the ceremony. The totems give off a red aura to easily give away their locations. At least ten of them need to be demolished to fulfill the objective.
  • Observer Johanna requests that the albino radstags around town be slain and their blood collected and deposited in the troughs around town as offerings to the Wise Mothman to help snuff out the stench of the heretic cultists. Fifteen units of blood from the albino radstags are needed. Any extra ones collected after the requirement is met can be held onto for the next attempt.
  • Secret - deposit perfect mothman eggs into the Cradle of the Pretenders. This will affect the defense stage, replacing the vengeful mothmen with mothmen hatchlings. Perfect mothman eggs may only be obtained by opening a cultist high priest pack.
FO76 object moth cultistpyre04

Defend the pyres

Once the observers' requests are completed, Clarence asks that the pyres be lit while he spreads the Wise Mothman's dust into the air to begin the ceremony from two large aerosolizers on the roof of the building across the street from the Mothman Museum and two on top of the museum itself. With all three pyres lit, the sky takes on a purple color as the players are now experiencing things from the Wise Mothman's point-of-view thanks to inhaling the fumes the dust gave off when lit. Clarence, his voice now sounding warped and distorted, warns the players that the Dim Ones have been thrown into a fury by the ceremony and will stop at nothing to destroy the pyres and ruin the ceremony and asks the players to defend the pyres at all costs from the heretics. Three waves of hostile cultists will then attack:

  • The first wave targets the pyre in the church.
  • The second wave targets the pyre by the bridge, and brings deathclaws with them.
  • The final wave targets not just the waterfront pyre, but all three, with hostile mothmen joining them, be they mothman hatchlings or vengeful mothmen, along with the deathclaws. This is the hardest part of this stage of the event as most cultists, deathclaws and mothmen will go after the waterfront and bridge pyres, so players will need to group up to protect them from being overwhelmed and destroyed. Mothmen hatchlings target the church pyre, while vengeful mothmen will go after the waterfront and bridge pyres. Most of the heretic cultists will use melee weapons, such as fire axes, sledgehammers and cultist blades, while some use Gatling guns for their slow rate of fire and high damage.
FO76 character moth wisemothman

Wise Mothman

Once the final wave has been repulsed, Clarence summons everyone back to the roof of the Mothman Museum to emote to summon the Wise Mothman. His voice will return to normal as he calls out to the Wise Mothman to see its "children" asking for his wisdom and to come to pass on its knowledge to them. The emotes have to be done 30 times before the Wise Mothman descends to the altar and the event is completed successfully, and within a minute and thirty seconds, or the event is failed. Communing with the Wise Mothman here awards the temporary buff "True Wisdom of the Mothman" of +15% bonus XP for one hour versus the +5% bonus XP communing with the Wise Mothman summoned in The Path to Enlightenment. After the event is over, the Observers and Clarence will kneel before the Wise Mothman and worship it until one leaves the area for Point Pleasant to reset for the next attempt.


Each reward in the "Mothman Equinox plan" list has an 3.85% chance to drop. Rewards are determined based on the number of remaining pyres at the conclusion of the event, as well as the quality of the dance party finale. Best performance may only be achieved by successfully defending all three pyres, while Good and Bad performance result from two and one pyres remaining, respectively. If all three pyres are destroyed, or time runs out before speaking to Clarence, during the preparations, or emoting to summon the Wise Mothman, then the event will end in failure. In addition to automatic quest rewards, the Wise Mothman may be communed with in order to receive True Wisdom of the Mothman, a temporary buff which grants +15% XP for 60 minutes.

Bad performance (2 destroyed pyres)
  • Mothman Equinox default reward (100%) (1)
Good performance (1 destroyed pyre)
  • Mothman Equinox default reward (100%) (1)
Best performance (0 destroyed pyres)
  • Mothman Equinox default reward (100%) (1)


FO76 object moth tomes

Sacred tomes

Inside the Point Pleasant church, adjacent to the pulpit, are two glass display cases containing the sacred tomes of the Enlightened. Each volume contains a lengthy account by various members of the cult. By repeatedly completing The Mothman Equinox, access to these tomes is gradually unlocked.

Tome Completions
Catechism of Hilary 1
Sayings of Alicia 3
Exodus 6
Observations, vol. XXVII 10
On the Thesis of Wallace 15
False Gods of Appalachia 21

Quest stages[]

Quest stages
DescriptionLog Entry
Speak to Interpreter Clarence (Duration 10m)I've been called to Point Pleasant to participate in the Mothman Equinox. I should speak with Interpreter Clarence to begin.
Destroy the vines of containment around each Pyre (0/3)In order to begin the ritual of the Mothman Equinox, I must help destroy all of the vines surrounding the ritual pyres in Point Pleasant. I will then be given a task by one of the Observers attending to the pyre.
 · Kill Cultist Prophets (0/6)
 · Collect and deposit Albino Radstag Blood in blood troughs (0/15)
 · Destroy Totems of Warding (0/10)
The vines have all been destroyed, and the Observers have given their instructions. I am to gather albino Radstag blood, hunt down and kill Cultist Prophets, and destroy totems found along the rooftops.
Light pyres (0/3)All of the pyres must be lit before the ritual of the Mothman Equinox can begin.
Defend the Ritual PyresThe sky has changed and I feel very odd. However, I am compelled to fight and defend the ritual's pyres from twisted visions of cultists. I must protect the pyres if I hope to receive enlightenment.
Perform merriment atop the Mothman Museum (0/30)The pyres are safe, but we must return to the roof ot the Mothman Museum to welcome the Wise Mothman. I must dance, sing, or perform any sort of emotion to call him to us.
The ritual of the Mothman Equinox has been a success. The Wise Mothman has arrived. I must commune with him to get a glimpse of his wisdom.

Enemy encounters[]

Enemy encounters
Enemy Weapon Level Damage Combat track Notes
Albino radstag Melee Medium-threat
Alpha deathclaw Melee Medium-threat
Cultist destroyer Cultist blade/Fire axe/Pitchfork/Sledgehammer 5-75 Medium-threat
Cultist prophet Radium rifle 10-100 Medium-threat
Cultist seeker Pipe pistol 40-75 Medium-threat
Cultist wrathwing Gatling gun 10-75 Medium-threat
Mothman hatchling Ranged 20-60 1-shot: 40-80
2-shot: 40-80
Rapid: 20-45
High-threat May turn invisible and teleport
Vengeful mothman Ranged 20-60 1-shot: 40-80
2-shot: 40-80
Rapid: 20-45
High-threat May turn invisible and teleport
Cultist high elders are not part of the main event
Cultist high elder Randomized 1-100 10-130 High-threat Nearby enemies are mind controlled[5]

Event dates[]

Start End
December 8, 2021 December 21, 2021
June 28, 2022 July 12, 2022
April 25, 2023 May 9, 2023
April 2, 2024 April 16, 2024
May 14, 2024 May 21, 2024
August 13, 2024 August 27, 2024


  • Depositing perfect mothman eggs in the cradle behind the Mothman statue will replace the vengeful mothmen with mothman hatchlings during the defense stages.
  • When the Enlightened arrived in 2104, they set out a basket of offerings on the roof of the Mothman Museum. The bowl contained many varieties of produce from across Appalachia. A red strangler vine grew under the weaved basket and produced a strangler pod up through it, placed among the other offerings.
    • When the event is over, the Enlightened leave for the year. Until they return, only this live, harvestable strangler pod remains in the basket.

Behind the scenes[]

  • The Mothman Equinox was originally teased as "The Ritual" on the 2021 roadmap as part of the Tales from the Stars update. On September 28, 2021, the roadmap was revised, including a rename for the event. It was released on December 8, 2021 as part of the Night of the Moth update.
  • This seasonal equinox event is timed such that it coincides with real-world solstices, not equinoxes.


PCPC Playstation 4Playstation 4 Xbox OneXbox One The rewards list for 2 pyres destroyed is missing condition checks, and is rewarded no matter how many pyres survive.





  1. or 8m52s?
  2. Shoot at the Vine Barricades. They have health and will be destructible, just like workshop objects
  3. Use emotes to dance. This step is optional. Completing it will grant additional XP and caps, as well as hurry event to conclusion
  4. Interpreter Clarence: "The Dim Ones believe they can darken his glow. Destroy the vines around each pyre. Leave their efforts in ruin."
    (Interpreter Clarence's dialogue)
  5. High elder mind control: pinkish highlight effect with tiny spectral moths fluttering about
  6. The Totem of Warding is highlighted with a glowing pink mist in game.
  7. ACTI - [0062FD7A] <E07A_Mothman_dropbox_eggs> "Cradle of the Pretenders"