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The Mothman Cometh - Part 1 is a holotape in Fallout 76 and is part of the Tales from the West Virginia Hills series of holotapes.


  • The tape can be found on the front counter in the Mothman Museum.
  • One copy accompanies the corresponding issue of Tales from the West Virginia Hills, along with one copy of part 2. Issues of the magazine are randomly found throughout Appalachia, including a selection of potential spawn points.


(Intro theme)

Narrator: Welcome back, dear listeners. It's time once again to put aside all you think you know, all you believe to be true. Time to open your mind to the strange, bizarre, and sometimes terrifying world that exists in the shadows and fringes of our own where myth, legend, and rumor are made real. Yes, its time for more thrilling TALES FROM THE WEST VIRGINIA HILLS!

Not all creatures are of the land, some stalk the skies. One such bogeyman has been reported for generations by mystified West Virginians. Its name remains the same, but accounts and speculation about its nature very wildly. Some say man, others say beast, some say devil, others say angel.

Tonight's tale, The Mothman Cometh, begins in Morgantown Municipal Hospital. We join young Mary Scarberry's bedside as she wakes looking a little worse for wear.

Mary: Nurse? Nurse Handy? Are you there?

Nurse: (in robotic French accent) Why yes, my Chéri, and how are you feeling? Perhaps another stimpak will help?

(Door sliding) (hurried footsteps)

Mom: Oh is she awake?

Dad: There she is.

Mom: I heard her voice.

Dad: How's my brave little girl?

Mary: Hi Mom, hi Dad. I'm doing okay.

Mom: We've been worried sick. Oh, you gave us such a fright.

(Knocking) (door sliding) (footsteps)

Sheriff Johnson: Howdy folks, awful sorry to disturb you at this hour.

Dad: Mary, this is Sheriff Johnson. He just wants to ask you a few questions.

Sheriff Johnson: Well from what I hear, you're down right lucky to be alive, Miss Mary. You kids when through quite an ordeal.

Mary: Steve and Buddy! Are they okay?

Sheriff Johnson: Er... let's just have a little chat first, Mary. Now, do you remember how you came to be on the Fayetteville Railroad Bridge yesterday?

Mary: Well... going to the bridge was really Buddy's idea.

(Flashback tune) (tense music)

Buddy: C'mon, Mary, don't wimp out! Every kid's got to do it sometime.

Mary: But, Buddy, you know I'm done scared of heights. How far you reckon that drop is, Steve?

Steve: My daddy says a thousand feet.

Buddy: I-I heard its two thousand feet (chuckle). Plenty of time to say last words and final prayers before you hit the river.

Mary: Stop teasing me! I told you I'm nervous enough already!

Buddy: C'mon, quit your stallin'. Here watch me. There's nothing to it.

Mary: Buddy, be careful!

Buddy: Last one that crosses is a rotten egg!

Mary: Here goes.

Buddy: Atta girl! C'mon!

Mary: Slow down! I gotta take my time.

Steve: You're doing swell, Mary.

Mary: Oh no, I don't think I can go any further.

Steve: You can't chicken out now. Just put one foot in front of the other.

Buddy: Hey y'all! Look! Up in the sky!

Steve: Dang! What is that? It's too big to be a bird.

Buddy: Wait, I know what it is. You see how its eyes are glowing red? It's the Mothman!

(Dramatic music)

Narrator: With the terrible winged creature coming for them, what will happen to these adventurous kids trapped in such a precarious situation? Tune in next for the thrilling conclusion of the Mothman Cometh!

(Outro music)