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Uncover the secret of Hornwright Industrial's "Motherlode."

The Motherlode is a side quest in Fallout 76. This quest can be discovered while exploring Hornwright Industrial Headquarters.

Quick walkthrough

Side Quest: The Motherlode
Go to Hornwright Industrial Headquarters.
Read Archived Message 9/29/77 on the Reception Terminal
Read Archived Message - 9.30.77 in Penny's Office
Talk to the Hornwright Hiring System
Find a Senior Executive resume
Pass the Hornwright Senior Executive Exam
(Optional) Find the answers for the Senior Executive Exam
(Optional) Collect the exam answers from Tech Support
search the company archives for an Executive Resume
Collect your Senior Executive ID
Explore the building's upper floor for info on the "Motherlode"
Search the lab for information on where to find a Repair Beacon
Requisition the repair beacon - Code 36984
Collect the repair beacon
Deploy the repair beacon
Collect the Motherlode's gift
Reward: See infobox

Detailed walkthrough

There are two ways to enter the headquarters. When getting close, there will probably be some super mutants and Scorched killing one other. Either clean up the outside of the building and work upwards to the top entrance or enter via the entrance on the bottom floor which leads into the lobby. In the lobby of the Hornwright Industrial HQ is an office belonging to Yvette Wiesman. Using the terminal and accessing the archived message dated 9.29.77 will finish the explore mission and begin The Motherlode. The water on the floor is highly toxic. The player character will be instructed to search Penny's (Penelope Hornwright - Sr. Ops Exec) office for more information. Her office is about five floors up. There is also an elevator door in this room that the player character will return to. In Penny's office upstairs, there is another terminal to use. Access the archived message dated 9.30.77 to update the mission.

Now the player character will need to acquire an ID card before they can use the elevator in the lobby to reach the upper floors. Go down the stairs one floor, then into the first door on the left. In the back, there is a computer which controls the Hornwright hiring system. Apparently, in order to get an ID card, the player character will need to become an employee. The player character will need to find a resume and submit it but taking the Hornwright senior executive exam is completely optional.

Another terminal in the same room hosts the exam for those wanting to complete the exam. There are five questions on the exam and all must be answered correctly (Number 2 has two correct answers, so either one will work). The answers are in the gallery below.

The next room has a desk where one can find the Senior executive exam updates holotape. Play the tape to update the mission. The exam answers are now available from tech support, one floor down. The sheet is laying on a printer in the office. Go down two more floors (one up from the lobby) to the company archives room and use the terminal inside. Access the human resources database and then Penny's resume file. This will add her resume to the player character's inventory. Go back up to the third level and into the testing room again. Deposit the resume into the resume receptacle.

The connecting room has the ID card printer on top of a file cabinet. Activate it to gain an ID card. Now go back to the lobby and use the elevator to reach the executive floor. Look for a door with a blue laser grid. These are safe to walk through. Activate the external connection system terminal. The computer will request a repair beacon. The location for this information is not marked but is in the room. Look for a set of computers behind the ECS terminal up a short set of steps. Interact with the research terminal and access the research notations, then power struggles. This will give the player character the beacon code (36984).

Use the keypad to put the code into the security box behind the research terminal. This will dispense a repair beacon in the machine to the left. Activate the dispenser to gain the beacon. Leave the room and go to the opposite laser walled room and find the elevator, then take it to the "sub room." The beacon launcher is standing in very toxic water. Use a radiation suit, or Rad-X if needed, to get to the device and activate it. Move out of the way as a drill machine will enter the room through the floor. After it leaves, access the motherlode at the docking station dispenser in the same room. This will end the mission.


Quest stages

Quest stages
StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
? Explore Hornwright Industrial HQ
? Search Penny's office for info about the "Motherlode"Sound like this Penny Hornwright might be able to help me get to the bottom of this "Motherlode." Maybe if I search her office I can find more information.
? Find a way to acquire an ID to access the upper floors.It seems I'm going to need to gain access to the Hornwright R&D lab in order to find out more about this "Motherlode," but I can't get in there without a Senior Executive ID. Sounds like I might be able to pick one up in the HR department. OR
It seems Hornwright Industrial was working on a project codenamed "The Motherlode" but I'm going to need to need find a Senior Executive ID to find out more. Apparently I might be able to get one from HR.
? Find a way to impersonate a Senior ExecutiveApparently only Senior Executives can print out new ID cards. Great. Maybe there's some way I can trick the system into thinking I'm an exec.
? Find a Senior Executive resumeI've got two options to fake my way into a Senior Executive position - turn in a resume to the hiring system or ace the Senior Executive hiring exam. Maybe they've got an old resume on file I could use? Or maybe a list of the exam answers around here somewhere?
? Pass the Hornwright Senior Executive Exam
? (Optional) Find the answers for the Senior Executive ExamI found the answers to the Senior Executive Exam. Hornwright Industrial's about to have a new employee.
? (Optional) Collect the exam answers from Tech Support
? Search the company archives for an Executive ResumeI found the resume of Penny Hornwright, one of the company's executives. I should turn this in to the hiring system.
? Deposit the resume in the receptacle
? Return to the hiring system for your resultsLooks like I aced the Hornwright Senior Executive Exam. Now I just have to check in with hiring system.
? Explore the building's upper floor for info on the "Motherlode"Hornwright Senior Executive ID acquired. Now I should be able to get into the offices on the upper floors.
? Search the lab for information on where to find a Repair BeaconI spoke to the Motherlode ... I think. It's a robot? It didn't sound like it was in great shape. It asked me to get it a "Repair Beacon." Maybe I can find one nearby.
? Requisition the repair beacon - Code 36984I found the requisition code for the repair beacon: 36984. Now I just need to plug it in.
? Collect the repair beaconRepair beacon issued! Now I just need to collect it and I should be able to use it to help the Motherlode.
? Deploy the repair beaconRepair beacon acquired. It sounds like I'll need to head down the elevator to deploy it to help the Motherlode.
?Quest finishedCollect the Motherlode's giftIt appears the Motherlode left me a thank you present for helping to repair it and said it would be in contact in the future. Friendliest drill I've ever met.