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Strive for victory in a deadly no-rules race to the finish.

The Most Sensational Game is an Expedition quest in Fallout 76, introduced in the Expeditions: Atlantic City update part one, Boardwalk Paradise.


The greatest of the Showmen games awaits the players, a gauntlet of challenges organized by Veracio Cruz, its mastermind and Mother Charlotte's favorite son. The players enter and fight for the title of Sensation - to gain or retain it!

Quick walkthrough[]

  • Arrive at the Atlantic City Boardwalk and talk to Veracio Cruz about entering the game.
  • Optionally, ask the Batsuuri twins about their challenge.
  • Complete phase A:
    • Find and kill Overgrown Moonflowers.
    • Release prisoners threatened by the Overgrown.
    • Find and set off seven fireworks in sequence under the time limit, lest you get shot.
  • Enter Showman's Pier for Phase B:
    • Defeat either of the twins. If Juchi is fought, also locate her teddy.
    • Disable the remote locks on the elevator.
    • Gather enough prize tokens from other competitors.
    • Hack terminals to open access to the elevator.
  • Enter Aquarium of the Atlantic for Phase C:
    • Take control of the Showmen's flag and defeat rivals.
    • Find and throw rotten tatos at a naughty Showman.
    • Defend a hapless volunteer as they gather blood packs symbolizing their lifespan.

Detailed walkthrough[]

Welcome to The Most Sensational Game, a lethal gauntlet and a rather entertaining expedition. Before it starts, the players can talk to Veracio Cruz and the Batsuuri twins, who break down the objectives that await them. As in other challenges, there are three randomly selected objectives in the phases, and optional challenges to complete. Finishing them all and finishing the game expeditiously, under the par time, guarantees the best rewards.

One Twin challenge requires the players to emote a total of 10 times after slaying other competitors. This requires the players to simply play any of their emotes after making a kill. The counter runs up to the fight with the twins at the end.

Phase A: The Boardwalk[]

There are three objectives to take care of while fighting through to the Showman's Pier for the next phase.

Slay the Moonflowers[]

At sunset, the Moonflowers bloom. A particularly pungent species of Overgrown which must be pruned, lest it lay waste to our marvelous shores. This first act, you sharpen your blade with a service to the Showmen and the city. Mow down these malignant weeds and clear the way.

A typical Assassination objective. The Overgrown spawn across the boardwalk and the players need to locate and slay the Moonflowers, a special type of Overgrown thorn.

Rescue prisoners[]

Many unfortunate souls are not equipped to challenge the Game. But they can still serve our ambition. They awaken now trapped, alone, threatened by nature overgrown. They require a savior! I planted the key to their prisons. By this time it has been possessed by the Overgrown. Retrieve it, and save these infants from their helplessness.

In order to free the prisoners, the players first need to collect Veracio's key, which requires slaying four Overgrown Elders. The key will spawn on the fourth.

Once the key is acquired, they simply need to find and free the prisoners, before reaching the Showman's Pier.

Launch fireworks[]

You will embark on a race against the clock. A path laid by fireworks. Set them off in sequence. Light the sky with their art, and you shall survive. Take too long, and a bullet from our showrunners shall find you. This is a race for your life. Let that fear propel you to victory!

A race! The players receive seven minutes to activate a total of seven launchers located across the boardwalk, both among the high rises, on the boardwalk itself, and on the beach. The time limit is not particularly generous, as each firework needs to be activated manually and requires one player to remain motionless, while Overgrown, mirelurks, and other competitors are shooting at them. Once completed, the next phase starts inside the Showman's Pier.

Phase B: The Pier[]

The pier has a straightforward structure. The players must fight and confront either Jullian Batsuuri or Juchi Batsuuri. Additionally, while inside the pier, one optional objective is to find Juchi's prize teddy. The teddy randomly spawns at the following locations:

  • Comrade Chubs: Located on the second floor of the first room, left side as you enter inside the whack-a-commie game.
  • Polar Bear: Located in the left side of the first room, head through the door into the kitchen & he is inside the fridge with no door.
  • Bubblegum Bear: Located in the second room (where the mini boss is fought) head to the kitchen in the center of the room, he will be inside the window frame.
  • Quantum Bear: Located in the second room (where the mini boss is fought) on the left side immediately after entering from the bathroom hallway on a coin operated ride.

After defeating the boss, the players need to activate the elevators and descend to the Aquarium of the Atlantic.

Phase C: The Aquarium[]

Take the flag[]

I'd like for our brave contestants to enter the Shark's Den and prove their dominance. Lay claim to your territory. Defend it from all who would seek to dethrone you! Remain until the end, and you shall perform for me personally in the grand finale.

A Showman flag is placed at one of the chambers of the aquarium. Players need to activate it, then defend it against incoming waves of enemies. Any enemies inside the flag radius will prevent the counter from increasing, which can impact the final rating, as the clock keeps ticking.

Defend a volunteer[]

One of you has been selected to defend an innocent volunteer. This volunteer has their own task to complete. Others seek to halt their progress, or better... their life. Help this volunteer survive the ordeal alive... and so might you.

An escort job. The volunteer in question will not fight back (as their life is on the line) and their job is to collect blood packs across the aquarium, with contestant rivals trying to kill them. Players need to escort them and nip any attackers in the bud with extreme force.

Throw rotten tatos at a naughty Showman[]

Now, while I do so love my children, they do at times... misbehave. Your task is to offer them a sharp reminder of their responsibilities. It does not befit a Showman to gripe, wail, or lay about. Thus I call upon our competitors to re-invigorate them. Shame them until they repent!

One of the Showmen annoyed Mother Charlotte and is subject to punishment. Players need to find rotten tatos while fighting off other competitors and pelt the naughty Showman until they repent and decide that they have learned their lesson. Tatos are stashed in rooms flanking the Siren Theater, with four Showmen to "reform" placed in stocks on the main stage (two) and the side stages (one each).

Tatos temporarily take up the grenade slot.

Finale: Winner's Stage[]

The final part of the Expedition occurs inside the aquarium, on the Winner's Stage just by the Triton Restaurant. Players need to reach the stage and enter it, in order to activate the final challenge: Fighting off both Batsuuri twins at the same time. As the time limit doesn't stop counting until they are both downed, any mistakes made in earlier stages will compound at this point. Once they're both knocked out of the game, the timer stops and the expedition is considered complete. The players are invited to the restaurant's VIP section to meet with Mother Charlotte and Veracio Cruz once more.

Talking to Mother Charlotte allows for inquiring about the past of the Showmen or leaving the aquarium. Players are then returned to the outside of the Showman's Pier after being briefly knocked out, and are free to return to Lennox and to Appalachia.

Quest stages[]

Quest stages
StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
? Inquire about entering the Game
? (Optional) Check in with Veracio
? Meet the Batsuuri Twins
? (Optional) Check in with the Batsuuri Twins
? Enter Showman's Pier
? Defeat Jullian
? Defeat Juchi
? Enter the Aquarium of the Atlantic
? Await instructions from Mother Charlotte
? Step onto the winners' stage
? Defeat the Batsuuri Twins
? Ask Mother Charlotte to leave when ready
? Speak with Lennox to depart when ready
?Quest finishedView the post-expedition report


If one exits out of the server, rejoins the game and relaunches the Expedition, the Expedition leader will always spawn back in at the Vertibird, no matter how far into the quest they were. If they were, for example, in the Aquarium of the Atlantic before refreshing servers, they will need to run all the way across the boardwalk to re-enter the interiors. This may cause significant time loss if the objective to complete the game expeditiously is still active.


PCPC Playstation 4Playstation 4 Xbox OneXbox One During the objective to secure the Shark's Den, at least one competitor who is killed may still count towards the objective as an enemy still in the area, despite being dead. Because the dead competitor cannot be removed as an enemy in the area, the objective becomes impossible to complete. Refreshing servers is the only known fix.[verified]

PCPC Playstation 4Playstation 4 Xbox OneXbox One While escorting the civilian escortee NPC to the objectives, the script will occasionally break, causing the NPC to behave like a normal unarmed character. Returning to Showman's Pier will frequently reset the NPC’s scripting and they'll continue towards the objectives.[citation needed]


Teddy bear locations[]