Known as the "Mire" by survivors of Appalachia, this swampy region is home to twisting vines, large tree canopies, and tall grass. All easy places for things to hide...Fallout 76 loading screen

The Mire is one of the six regions of Appalachia in 2102.



The Mire was a remote, rural region of Appalachia east of the Savage Divide. Sometime prior to the Great War, an anarchist movement, the Free States, was sparked by Raleigh Clay. Suspicious of the government’s Vault program and aware of the escalation of the Sino-American War, the group built private concrete bunkers scattered throughout the secluded region, using Harpers Ferry as a staging area and supply point.[1][2] The movement's conspiracy theories and ideals unnerved patriotic visitors and notably disrupted the small town’s tourism.[3]

Soon, minor conflicts between the Free States, loyalists, and police grew into open violence, catching the eye of the government.[4][5] In June 2077, the public prosecutor pressed charges against the movement’s founder,[6][7] and, by November, the Free States openly seceded from the United States and retreated to their concrete bunkers.[8][9]


After the nuclear detonations, the Mire’s forest and swampy environment began to mutate and grow deadly with each passing day.[10] Exactly one year after the Great War, Vault 94 opened its vault door and sent ambassadors into the wasteland to invite survivors back to the vault.[11] In November 2078, the mayor of Harpers Ferry, Miranda Vox, sent a group of survivors with an ambassador to investigate the vault’s claims.[12][13] Certain that the dwellers’ hospitality was a trap, the group massacred the vault’s leaders and attacked the vault’s G.E.C.K. unit, triggering a massive nuclear explosion.[14][15][16] A thick fog poured from the vault’s entrance, rapidly intensifying the area’s swampy environment and mutating the region's thick foliage.[12][17][18][19]

In 2079, Raleigh Clay gave the all-clear signal to Free States members and was contacted by Miranda Vox, with Harpers Ferry being in desperate need of assistance.[20][21] Despite previous conflicts, the movement agreed to provide aid.[19] Later in the year, a group of Free States members secured the Thunder Mountain power plant, but were assaulted by Taggerdy's Thunder and chose to surrender the complex.[22]

By 2081, the Brotherhood of Steel used the pre-War Camp Venture location to provide survival training to members of the Free States.[23] After intensifying requisitions from local survivors, the Brotherhood abandoned the camp in 2094 to defend Fort Defiance and the Thunder Mountain power plant.[24][25] In August 2095, the Brotherhood finally fell as Thunder Mountain was overrun with Scorched.[26] Using sonic generator technology salvaged from Brotherhood outposts, the Free States set up lures in the region to attract, trap, and kill scorchbeasts.[27]

In 2096, Harpers Ferry was attacked by Scorched and the Free States retreated back into their bunkers throughout the Mire, banning all efforts to recover or save what remained of the town.[28]


The Mire is a dark, swampy region home to twisting vines, large tree canopies, and tall grass. Mutated strangler vines infest the region controlled by strangler hearts, infecting living things and displacing inanimate objects.[29] The thick foliage gives cover to the region's mutated creatures and makes the area one of the darkest at night. While radiation from the Great War attributed to mutations, the region's red-hued environment is largely due to the explosion of Vault 94's G.E.C.K.[18][30] As with other regions in Appalachia, the Mire occasionally suffers from highly radioactive radstorms.[31]


The Mire is in the northeastern portion of Appalachia.


The Mire appears only in Fallout 76.


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