The Memory Den is a side quest in Fallout 4.

Quick walkthroughEdit

Side quest: The Memory Den
Speak to Irma.
Pay a 100 cap upfront cost.
Pass a medium charisma check.
Sit in the Memory Lounger.
Relive your memories.
Talk to Irma.
Reward: 150 xp
100 caps returned
Quest marker leading to Nick Valentine
Reward: 150 xp
Quest marker leading to Nick Valentine

Detailed walkthroughEdit

This quest is obtained by entering the Memory Den in Goodneighbor, at any time before rescuing Nick Valentine. Irma tells Sole Survivor the Den is not accepting new clients, but it is possible to convince her to grant a trial run, either with an easy Charisma check or an upfront payment of 100 caps.

One is asked to sit in a memory lounger to relive a recent memory, which is always the kidnapping of Shaun. During the recall, the player character can move around the cryo pod space of Vault 111 and interact with several targets, including the cryo pods, the scientists in hazmat suits, Kellogg, and the pod containing Shaun and the Sole Survivor's spouse. As they relive the inevitable the Sole Survivor vocalizes anguish, followed by rage and vowing to kill Kellogg after he shoots their spouse. Doctor Amari pulls them out of the memory after the events are relived.

Once the Sole Survivor emerges from the lounger, Irma apologizes for putting them through that trauma a second time. If a medium Charisma check is passed Irma will provide a refund if a fee has been paid. Regardless of how the conversation goes, Irma mentions that she knows a good detective in Diamond City that will be able to help find Shaun.

Quest stagesEdit

StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
2 Talk with Irma
20 Sit in Memory LoungerIrma at the Memory Den says I can relive my past if I sit down in one of the den's Memory Loungers.
45 Relive Your MemoriesI'm inside my memory of Vault 111. I have no choice but to watch everything play out all over again.
80 Talk to IrmaI've relived my memories of Vault 111. I need to talk to Irma, the owner of the Memory Den, about what happened.
100Icon checkQuest completeI relieved my memories of Vault 111. Irma, the owner of the Memory Den, was sorry for my loss, and told me that Nick Valentine in Diamond City might be able to help me.


  • This quest is no longer available once Nick Valentine has been rescued from Park Street Station. You can begin Unlikely Valentine and even kill some of the Triggermen inside the station, but can go no further than the one-way drop down into Vault 114 (as the only way out from there is with Nick). Afterwards, attempting to interact with Irma, even skipping the conversation with Valentine to keep "Unlikely Valentine" active and running to Goodneighbor, will only prompt her to say that the Den is not accepting new clients.
  • If the quest is initiated but the player leaves the Memory Den without entering the memory lounger and goes to rescue Nick, it will be removed from the journal the moment the player talks to him in the Vault 114 Overseer's office. It is not failed, it is simply removed without any notification.
  • If the player character has not yet started Jewel of the Commonwealth, the journal entry "Go to Valentine's detective agency" will be entered alongside "Go to Diamond City".
  • Even if the player convinces Irma to grant the trial run free of charge, the "Demand refund" option will still be available, granting 100 caps for success. It is effectively a refund if they had to pay earlier, a net profit of 100 caps if they didn't.
  • After completing this quest, Doctor Amari will later recognize the player during Dangerous Minds and will say "not again" and assure the Sole Survivor to just hang in there as she is trying to find another memory as quickly as possible.
  • During the memory activating your spouse's cryo pod is the only time the character will refer to their spouse by name (Nate/Nora).
  • When viewing the memory it acts very similar to Dangerous Minds with the only differences being the memory does not pause when interacting with anything and not viewing it from Kellogg's perspective.


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