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Sorry to bother you, but Paul is missing, and I'm wondering if you know where he might be.Darcy Pembroke

The Marowski Heist is a side quest in Fallout 4.

Quick walkthrough

Side quest: The Marowski Heist
Talk to Darcy
Blackmail Latimer
Show photo to Marowski
Give Latimer the photo
Kill Latimer
Reward: 150+ XP
400/600 caps
Report back to Marowski
Reward: 150+ XP
300/400/800/900 caps

Detailed walkthrough

In order to obtain this quest, the Sole Survivor must have made certain decisions during Diamond City Blues. One method of obtaining this quest is if Paul was killed in Diamond City prior to leaving for the encounter with Trish. Alternatively, Paul can be brought to the chem deal and killed by Trish and her triggermen. A third option is to choose to completely stay out of the entire plot by refusing to help Paul at the start. If Paul survives Diamond City Blues but is killed later (i.e. killing him at the request of Malcom Latimer), this quest will not appear.

The Sole Survivor will be approached by Darcy Pembroke a day later, who is investigating the disappearance of Paul. When she asks the Sole Survivor about it, they must tell her that they will help with the investigation or inform her of Paul's death without implicating themselves (if he was in the heist). Then, after a while (about a week) speak to Darcy again to obtain the photo and start this quest.

Due to the complicated nature of triggering this quest, it was not expected to start the quest when Paul lives. So to allow this in such a situation, one can enter Resetquest 457c6 then SetStage 457c6 100 in the console to start the quest (this will cause the quest to appear in your quest log). Then enter player.additem 0008a1fb 1 to get the photo in the Sole Survivor's inventory and the quest can go on.

While in Diamond City after completing Diamond City Blues, Darcy gives the Sole Survivor the Marowski Heist photo. One can either show it to Marowski to tip him off that Malcom Latimer stole from him, or show it to Latimer to blackmail him.

Blackmailing Latimer

  1. Latimer will offer 400 caps for the photo, or 600 with a successful speech check. After handing over the photo, the quest ends.

Tipping off Marowski

  1. Go to Goodneighbor and show the photo to Marowski. He will give 500 caps. Alternately, if he knows about the Sole Survivor's involvement in stealing his chems, he will forgive them rather than insisting they pay restitution for the theft.
    With a successful speech check, he can be convinced to hand over the caps before seeing the photo. If the Sole Survivor then refuses to hand over the photo, Marowski becomes hostile. If the Sole Survivor escapes Hotel Rexford, they can then sell the photo to Malcom, resulting in a total of 900 caps (1100 if the Sole Survivor passes the speech check to receive 600 caps from Malcom). Marowski and Stan Slavin will attack the Sole Survivor on sight, but can both be killed without any negative consequence.
  2. Marowski will ask the Sole Survivor to kill Malcom Latimer for another 300 caps (400 with a successful speech check).

Once the quest has been completed, one can return to Darcy in Diamond City and choose whether to split the caps earned from the quest with her.

Quest stages

Quest stages
StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
100 Talk to Marowski about photo
Talk to Henry Cooke about photo
Talk to Malcolm Latimer about photo
Darcy Pembroke gave me an old photograph of Paul Pembroke, Henry Cooke, and Malcolm Latimer. This might be worth something to the right person.
I found an old photograph of Paul Pembroke, Henry Cooke, and Malcolm Latimer. This might be worth something to the right person.
110 I gave the photo to Marowski. He was very happy to finally find out who pulled off the "Marowski Heist" all those years ago.
120 I gave the photo to Henry Cooke. He was willing to pay me not to show it to Marowski.
130 I gave the photo to Malcolm Latimer. He was willing to pay me not to show it to Marowski.
400 Kill Henry CookeMarowski hired me to get revenge for the "Marowski Heist" 20 years ago.
450 Kill Malcolm Latimer
460 Talk to Marowski
500Quest finishedMarowski paid me for killing Henry Cooke. The story of the "Marowski Heist" is over.
510 Marowski paid me for killing Malcolm Latimer. The story of the "Marowski Heist" is over.


  • The quest will not show up in the Pip-Boy until Marowski asks the Sole Survivor to assassinate Latimer. So if the player character blackmails Latimer instead, they will get no entries for this quest.
  • The player character will also get no Pip-Boy entry reminding them to give the caps to Darcy.
  • Darcy will be less than thrilled if the player character is only able to obtain a small amount of caps for her. For example, if the player character turned the photo in to Marowski in order to get out of their debt to him for the theft of his chems and give her half of the 300/400 caps they obtained for assassinating Latimer.
  • Assassinating Latimer is most easily accomplished in his home after he goes to bed, especially if Nelson Latimer is dead. Getting caught killing either of them will make the residents of Diamond City hostile.
  • If the player character has Piper as a companion, she dislikes them accepting the "hit" on Latimer. However, if one says no, she likes that a lot. If Preston is present, he will comment about not being hired assassins and love the 'no'.
  • Cait will like it if one chooses not to split the caps with Darcy when asked about it.


  • PCPC Playstation 4Playstation 4 Xbox OneXbox One If the Sole Survivor does not pay the 2000 caps (1000 caps if negotiated) and kill Marowski at Latimer's request, "Pay Marowski 2000 (1000) caps" will still show under miscellaneous quests in the Pip-Boy.[verified]
    • PCPC This can be fixed with the console command completeallobjectives 84e40.
  • Playstation 4Playstation 4 Despite Henry Cooke being killed and Paul Pembroke dying during the chem deal fight, Darcy Pembroke will continue visiting Colonial Taphouse and fail to acknowledge that Paul is dead.[verification needed]