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Only sounds that used to be here was the squabbling of gulls and the slapping of the waves.— The Mariner

The Mariner is the shipwright, handyman and landowner of Far Harbor in 2287.[1]


The Mariner is one of the residents of the town of Far Harbor. She was the original inhabitant of the pier on which the town of Far Harbor was built and is in charge of the town's defense and upkeep.[1] The Mariner can usually be found in her home near the town's gate or doing repairs to the pier close to it. She can also be found doing repairs for the shop of Allen Lee. When not doing repairs on the hull or shops near it, she will be found inside of Allen Lee's shop.

While initially resentful of the intrusion on her residence and lifestyle, as the years passed, The Mariner became increasingly dedicated to the protection and unification of the Fall Harbor residents, eventually sending the Sole Survivor on a series of quests to help her reinforce the town's defenses. She remarks that she is the only one who actually does the work necessary to secure the town, often brushing it off as her protecting her own home, but admitting that seeing the residents safe and united is important to her.

After showing support for her efforts and completing the first stage of Hull Breach, she will initiate the second stage and comment on how it needs to be done quickly. If the player character asks her why the rush and completing a medium difficulty speech check she will reveal to the Sole Survivor that she has a terminal illness that is said to have been incurable even before the war. With the emotional support of the Sole Survivor, she dedicates her remaining time to ensuring the town survives after she dies.

After completing all of her quests, she will invite the Sole Survivor to accompany her on one last adventure to destroy a legendary monster that had been preying on ships for decades as a final legacy and to ensure the town's continued safety. When it turns out that this monster is merely a tiny mirelurk the size of a rad chicken with eyes that emit a bright red glow, causing curious captains to run aground when investigating, she is somewhat crestfallen that her legacy will be seen as a joke. The Sole Survivor can either convince her to embellish the story, lie and say they never found it, or tell the truth to the townsfolk.

After the events of her quests, the Mariner will remark that she is glad to have met the Sole Survivor and that she considers them to be a true friend.

Interactions with the player character

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  • Hull Breach: The Mariner asks for help in finding tools to fix up the Hull that keeps the fog creatures from killing Far Harbor, and subsequently upgrading it with MS Azalea salvage.
  • The Great Hunt: She will describe a mysterious creature that has been destroying boats attempting to leave and arriving in Far Harbor. She asks the Sole Survivor to accompany her to face the mythical beast.
  • Walk in the Park: Immediately after arriving in Far Harbor, the player character must help the people defend the Hull from two consecutive attacks by gulpers and anglers.


Notable quotes


The Mariner appears only in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.



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    (The Mariner's dialogue)