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Investigate the fate of two missing police officers.

The Lowe-Down is a quest in the Fallout 76 update Wild Appalachia.

Quick walkthrough[]

Detailed walkthrough[]

Following the conclusion of Baa Baa Black Sheep, travel to Lewisburg and search for the holotape Klein's notes, part 1, which is found in a duffle bag, on the roof of the building across the street from Van Lowe Taxidermy.

Find the "house with a flamingo in the front" just northeast of the patrol car. Investigate behind the house to find the following:

  • Klein's notes, part 2 - Holotape, next to one of the skeletons.
  • Wolf check-in #64 - Note, in a cooler behind the house with a plastic flamingo in front of it.

Travel to the monitoring station referenced in Wolf check-in #64. It is a greenhouse on the roof opposite Van Lowe Taxidermy. Pick up the following items which are in the leather bag found at the monitoring station:

The 'Further instructions' note references the note 'From mom' which is found in the basement of Van Lowe Taxidermy. Travel back there.

Set the washing machine cycle to "Delicates" and set the dryer heat level to "Low Heat'. Interact with the calender on the wall marked "Laundry Day" near the machines and the wall of the basement will open to reveal the entrance to Calvin van Lowe's secret laboratory.

Investigate the laboratory to find the following clues:

Then take the assembly password, which is in a tool chest near a tinker's workbench. This will unlock the assembly platform terminal.

Access the assembly platform terminal and access the "Session 4: Assaultron [SN:RX-0022CF9]" entry to retrieve the behavioral reprogramming holotape. Listen to it.

Access the assembly platform again and access the "!!! - EMERGENCY CHECK-IN !!!" entry. Downloading the coordinates to Garrahan Estate will complete the quest and begin the follow-up quest Wolf in Sheep's Clothing.

Quest stages[]

Quest stages
StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
? Find the patrol carI found a transmission on Wolf's terminal that warned him about two officers investigating the case of Calvin van Lowe. They were last reported on the East side of Lewisburg. I should head there and see what I can find out.
? Search the police car for clues
? Listen to "Klein's notes, part 1" Holotape
? Search near the house with a "flamingo out front"
? Examine the sceneI've found the police officers; they were killed while following the man in the "fancy suit." I should investigate the scene to see if I can find out more about this well-dressed stranger.
? Read "Wolf Check-in #64"I've found a note hidden in the grill near the killed police officers. I should read note, titled "Wolf Check-in #64", to find out more.
? Find the ID card and further instructionsIt seems the two police officers were killed by Wolf, some kind of agent with a connection to Calvin van Lowe. He left instructions for anyone that's following him: obtain a keycard and further instructions from Bo-Peep's look out station. I should head there to learn more.
? (Optional) Listen to Klein's second recordingThe police officers that were looking into Calvin van Lowe's disappearance left a recording behind. They ended up tailing a suspicious stranger in a "fancy suit." They intended to follow him to a "house with a flamingo out front." I should try and pick up their trail.
? Go to Van Lowe's Taxidermy
? Discover the secret of Van Lowe's basementBo-Peep's instructions indicate that I should head to the basement of Van Lowe Taxidermy. I don't know what awaits me there, but the note left some cryptic clues: Laundry day, washing and drying "unmentionables", and marking the date on a Calendar.
? Enter the secret roomI've found a secret door in the basement of Van Lowe taxidermy. I should head inside to see what I can find.
? (hint) Read "Further Instructions" in your inventory for clues
? (hint) Read "From Mom" for washer/dryer settings
? Search the secret room for cluesI've found a secret door in the basement of Van Lowe taxidermy. It lead me to a secret robotics lab that appears to have been used by Calvin van Lowe. There's signs of a struggle here. I should investigate further to if I can discover the fate of Calvin.
? Find the password to the Assembly Terminal
? Search the terminal for signs of Calvin
? Listen to "Behavioral Reprogramming"I've found a log left behind during Calvin's "behavioral reprogramming" sessions. I should listen to it to find out what happened.
? Search the terminal to find where Wolf went next
?Quest finished(Optional) Find all clues in the secret lab (#/#)


Upon the release of Wild Appalachia, part 1 of Klein's notes was found in a cop car on the streets of Lewisburg. At an unknown point prior to December 2022, the tape was moved to its current location, but the quest text was not changed to reflect this.[1] The issue was noticed enough to warrant a Bethesda Help page.