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Oh, thank God. Paladin Hoss sent you, didn't he? I knew he wouldn't leave me behind. When they attacked, we were cut off so quickly. My gun jammed and I never even got a shot off. I couldn't do anything but hide.Initiate Pek

The Lost Initiate is an unmarked quest in Fallout 3.

Quick walkthrough

Unmarked Quest: The Lost Initiate
Travel to Falls Church.
Talk to Paladin Hoss.
Fight your way to the office building.
Rescue Initiate Pek.
(Optional) Repair Pek's gun with a Repair or Small Guns check.
Regroup outside of the office building with Paladin Hoss.
Reward: Karma, XP and caps

Detailed walkthrough

During a training exercise in Falls Church, Knight Church, Paladin Hoss, Initiate Pek and an unnamed paladin were separated during a super mutant attack. Knight Church was killed in the initial attack, and Initiate Pek became trapped in an office building, while Paladin Hoss and the other paladin were fighting nearby.

Paladin Hoss will inform the Lone Wanderer that Pek has barricaded himself inside a janitor's closet towards the back of the first floor, and request their assistance in reaching the office building where Pek is located. Once complete, the player character is asked to storm the building and rescue Pek, who is cowering in a corner due to a jammed gun. With sufficient Small Guns or Repair skills, Pek's gun can be fixed; regardless of weapon status, Pek will follow the Lone Wanderer until they exit the building and regroup outside with Paladin Hoss.


  • If one helps Pek, they will be awarded with XP (between 250-350 XP).
  • If the player character asks Hoss for payment, they will receive 100 caps, but will not be awarded any positive Karma.
  • If payment is not requested, one will receive good Karma instead. Hoss and Pek will join the player character to help clear out the area.


  • Pek, Hoss and the paladin can all be killed. If this happens, the Lone Wanderer will not be rewarded.
  • If one takes too long to rescue Pek, the room he is hiding in may be locked (Very Hard) and he may be killed and stripped mostly clean.
  • If one enters Falls Church once (from Marigold station), the Brotherhood/super mutant battle begins. If the player character goes back to the Marigold station and returns later, it may happen that everyone (including Hoss and Pek) is already dead and there is no way to finish the quest.
  • In some instances, Pek will sneak everywhere after being rescued. Not only does this make him a slow follower, but will also make him an easy target for enemies with ranged weapons.
  • After completing this quest, Hoss, Pek and the paladin will act as followers, but only when the Lone Wanderer is in Falls Church (in some cases, they may follow to other places).
  • If, after completing the quest, Hoss dies but Pek remains alive, Pek will no longer follow the player character. Instead, he will walk to the bus stop in front of the office building, in which he was originally found and sit on the bench.


  • PCPC Xbox 360Xbox 360 Paladin Hoss and Pek suffer from some significant AI bugs when following the player character around. Refer to their pages for more detailed information. [verified]
  • PCPC Playstation 3Playstation 3 Xbox 360Xbox 360 Hoss and the unnamed paladin incorrectly have the vault dweller class, which does not have energy weapons tagged. As a result, they deal little damage with energy weapons should they spawn with one. [verified]

Recovering the quest

  • PCPC If one enters Falls Church but does not start the quest, the two paladins will be dead the next time one returns to Falls Church. It is possible to reset the quest by using a console command in order to recover and complete the quest. First, resurrect, disable and enable Hoss and the other paladin, then start the conversation agreeing to rescue Pek, fight the mutants and enter the building. Pek will be found dead but again, using the commands resurrect, disable and enable, he will reset and be able to start the conversation. Fix his gun and lead him outside, then find and speak to Hoss to complete the quest.