The Lonesome Drifter is a solitary troubadour wandering the Mojave Wasteland in 2281.


Born in Montana in 2253, the Lonesome Drifter was abandoned at a young age by his father, and was raised by his mother. After she died, he decided to find his father, although what he would do when they finally met he hadn't thought through yet; plans vary from simply asking him why he left to punching him in the face. His meagre belongings include the guitar and the gun his father had left behind for him. He has travelled the wasteland for many years, and is now growing tired of the lifestyle and looking to settle down somewhere with his guitar.

When pressed, he is unable to provide clear details about his father, only that he was a "mysterious" man, who at times was almost like a "stranger".

Interactions with the player character

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Talent Pool

During the mission Talent Pool, the Courier has the option of recruiting the Drifter to perform his act for the patrons of Tommy Torini's Aces Theater, located within The Tops casino. If the player passes a Barter check of 50, he will give the player his gun.



  • His acoustic guitar is a somewhat valuable unique item that he carries, and he plainly sets it against a nearby tree stump when sleeping.
  • If you pick pocket the Drifter's inventory after convincing him to sign on with Tommy Torini in the Talent Pool quest, he will have a Gate Key to the Strip.
  • His father appears to be a reference to the mysterious stranger. See gun for details.


The Lonesome Drifter appears in Fallout: New Vegas.


  • PCIcon pc If the player will be caught on stealing from him, will lose reputationm from The Strip, even if The Lonesome Drifter isn't still not be recruited in the quest Talent Pool
  • It is possible to obtain 2 acoustic guitars by stealing the one he leaves sitting near him while he sleeps, and then killing him and looting him later.
  • Like all the other performers at The Aces, he will remain silently on the stage after his act has concluded if his allotted time there has not been met. Furthermore, he may walk straight off of the stage and into the audience, instead of down the side stairs.
  • The Drifter may sometimes be found walking around backwards, but after talking to him, he will walk away normally.
  • Playstation 3Icon ps3 Sometimes when it's his time to perform on stage he will play his guitar and the music will play as normal, but he won't leave his seat.
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