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There is... one way to utterly destroy the Krivbeknih, but you must take a pilgrimage, far north of Point Lookout, in the Capital Wasteland. Seek a place called Dunwich. Within is an obelisk, itself a wicked thing. It'll consume the book - you need only press the book to its surface. May God shed his blessings upon you, child. Make haste for Dunwich.Marcella, on how to destroy the Krivbeknih

The Krivbeknih is a strange artifact in the Fallout 3 add-on Point Lookout.


Said to possess a dark power, the Krivbeknih was mentioned to have been owned long ago by Constance Blackhall until it went missing. The swampfolk now possess it, and use it in their rituals. This book is the one that Jaime Palabras' father was searching for, as mentioned in the personal journal holotapes found throughout the Dunwich Building.


The Krivbeknih is a large brown book with a bloody gash across the front of it. Due to its disturbing nature, Marcella wants the book destroyed, but Obadiah Blackhall wants the book returned to him, as the rightful owner. It seems that the book really possesses dark and mystical otherworldly powers as a strange event unravels when pressed against the Obelisk in the Dunwich Building. Furthermore, upon taking the Krivbeknih from the ritual site, objects on the table behind it will start to shake and fall off the table.


The Krivbeknih is found in the deepest level of the ritual site, in a bowl full of blood on a stone altar.

Related quest


  • The Krivbeknih is a quest item and cannot be dropped once picked up. However, by returning the book to Blackhall and subsequently killing him, the book can be looted from his corpse and dropped as a normal item. Blackhall must be killed, as the book does not appear in his inventory when one attempts to pickpocket him.
    • The Krivbeknih can still be destroyed (even after returning it to Blackhall, killing him, and recovering it) if you have done this by following Marcella's instructions, which have been recorded and left as a file in Marcella's tent.
  • In one of the Jaime Palabras' holodisks, he speaks about having found the book and keeping it to remember his father by; however Point Lookout is the only place where a copy of the book can be found. Nonetheless, it is stated that the book was lost and then returned to Point Lookout, so this time interval could be where Jaime got a hold of the book.
  • The destruction of the Krivbeknih yields a major positive Karma bonus of +500.

Behind the scenes

  • The Krivbeknih is a reference to the many esoteric and arcane tomes featured in the Cthulhu mythos, written by H. P. Lovecraft, such as the Necronomicon, Book of Eibon, Pnakotic Manuscripts, etc. These artifacts play a similar role in the mythos, often being used by evil men for sinister purposes.
  • The Dunwich Building, where Marcella instructs the player character to destroy the book, is a reference to Lovecraft's short story "The Dunwich Horror" and an audio tape recovered in the building contains a reference to "Alhazred", the fictional author of "Necronomicon".