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The Institute is a location in the Commonwealth in 2287.


The hidden headquarters of the organization known as the Institute, located deep underground. The Institute was built upon what was once known as the Commonwealth Institute of Technology, or C.I.T.[1] While the college itself laid in ruins for more than two centuries, at the time of the Great War, those present took refuge underground.[1]

The Institute was formally founded by the children of the original survivors, who dug into the earth and built increasingly sophisticated residential facilities and laboratories, starting an ongoing process of infrastructure expansion.[2]

Due to the absence of sunlight, the Institute is perpetually illuminated by artificial means. A quiet time running from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. has been instated for the well-being of the Institute citizens.[3] The Institute has its own day and night cycle system, as the window lights on the ceiling will close when it is considered night. The shutters also have holes or small lights in them which mimic stars.


Advanced Systems


A small lab area with multiple work stations and a firing range used to test new weaponry. Contains the entrance to the reactor room. Weapons are developed, tested, and innovated upon here to arm synth foot soldiers and coursers. This is also where they created the experimental synth relay grenades, which will automatically teleport in multiple synths to fight for the player character where thrown. Madison Li and Evan Watson, who begins the quest Appropriation, can be found here. Young Shaun can be found here following the first meeting with Father.



Main article: Institute BioScience

One of the larger labs, BioScience is filled with plants and even some synthetic gorillas. There is a series of connected labs that have been closed off and abandoned. The quest Building a Better Crop can be found here from Isaac Karlin, and also Hypothesis can be started with Clayton Holdren.



Main article: Institute concourse

The concourse is a large cylindrical-shaped subterranean structure with four floors. Hallways wrap the outskirts of the cylinder leaving the middle section open for a large atrium of trees and fountains, with a helix-shaped elevator going to the surface levels where the teleporter is located. All four divisions of the Institute are located along the perimeter of the concourse, as well as residential areas and both vendors.

FEV lab

Institute FEV Lab.png

Main article: Institute FEV lab

The FEV lab is the source of the majority of super mutants found in the Commonwealth.[4] Many years of experimentation with the Forced Evolutionary Virus took place here. To access the lab one must either hack a Master level terminal in the main BioScience lab which provides direct access to the FEV lab. Or, pick a Novice locked door in the back hallways of the BioScience division. The serum that Virgil asks to retrieve to cure his mutation is found here as well as the holotape "Brian Virgil personal log 0176."

Old robotics

Old Robotics.jpg

The sealed off, dilapidated section of the facility, only accessed when progressing through the quest The Nuclear Option. It's inhabited by many hostile synths and four laser turrets, which can be deactivated using a terminal. On the main floor, there is a sentry bot which can be activated with the robotics terminal. It will fight the synths that are on the assembly floor, but will also be hostile to the player character. The exit is through a circular hatch in the back of the main assembly floor, which will lead to the BioScience division.

Public works

4n1m4L's test logs.jpg

This area is accessed from an underwater pipe due south of Ticonderoga, which leads into a small flooded underground room. There is a terminal-locked security gate in the northeast corner, leading to a small area containing a steamer trunk with leveled loot.



Main article: Institute reactor

The reactor room is only accessible through the Advanced Systems division after completing the quest Mass Fusion for the Institute or in The Nuclear Option quest for the Brotherhood of Steel, Minutemen or Railroad. Upon entering, there is a long sloped hallway that leads to a larger room with the reactor in the middle, accessible by a catwalk. Depending on which faction the Sole Survivor chooses there will be a change in the events that take place here.


Fo4 Institute Robotics.png

Main article: Institute Robotics

Robotics is the smallest of the four labs by accessible areas, consisting of a single large room containing the Institute's synth assembler. A constant stream of synths are being produced here, being assembled in a pool in the middle before climbing out and walking through into the inaccessible processing section.

Sublevel 21-D

Institute Storage.png

A very small area is accessible only by an elevator in the main atrium. It contains a storage room and heavy construction equipment being used to expand the Institute's infrastructure.

Synth Retention Bureau


Notable loot

Loot will become unavailable if banished from the Institute, or after completing The Nuclear Option for any of the three factions. See section articles linked below for list of items.

Related quests


  • Fast traveling to or from this location only passes one minute of in-game time regardless of distance traveled. In addition, a teleport effect will be visible after arrival.
  • Companions will not be able to travel to the Institute, with the exception of X6-88.
  • If the Institute is destroyed, then the radio station Classical Radio will be shut down and become unavailable to be tuned to. However, songs from that station can still be played on any jukebox at any owned settlement.
  • The resident's name is on each door, visible when doors are slid closed.
  • Father will remain in the same area as he is initially found.
  • Based on the player's decisions, Institute scientists will have varying dialogue.
  • If one completes the Institute ending, upon returning there will be a memorial of Shaun in front of the Robotics lab which the player can interact with.


The Institute appears in Fallout 4. The location is mentioned several times in Fallout 3 and in Mr. House's obituary in Fallout: New Vegas.


  • PCPC A standalone elevator car may spawn in front of the stairs that are supposed to lead up to the reactor during The Nuclear Option, preventing access to the reactor without using a jetpack or jump trick.
  • PCPC Playstation 4Playstation 4 Xbox OneXbox One Before and even after the player character has become the director, if they are caught using Madison Li's terminal, all the Institute NPCs will become hostile, including X6-88. [verified]
  • PCPC Playstation 4Playstation 4 Silver Shroud Radio can be received in the Old Robotics section, if the radio station is active during The Nuclear Option.[verified]
  • PCPC Playstation 4Playstation 4 Xbox OneXbox One When entering the Institute with the Railroad, one may have trouble finding the network scanner, which is currently an unsolvable bug. Console commands can bring the item into the player character's inventory. [verification overdue]
  • PCPC Playstation 4Playstation 4 Xbox OneXbox One X6-88 will on occasion be bugged, and may not travel back to the Institute with the player character, instead staying on the shores of Libertalia.[verification overdue]



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