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Wren needs parts to maintain Crater's communications.

Daily: The Importance of Communication is a daily quest in the Fallout 76 Wastelanders update.


Wren will request the player character to retrieve communications material to maintain her equipment at the Crater. At the start of the quest, if the initial dialogue option "What's in it for me?" is selected, a Charisma 8+ dialogue option with Wren will then be available, increasing the awarded caps for completion. She will mark a random location on the map where some necessary equipment can be found. Upon arrival, the location will likely contain hostiles. The player character must fight them off while collecting the marked items. It will always be two normal radio vacuum tubes and one broken radio vacuum tube. Once the three total vacuum tubes have been found, the broken tube must be repaired at a tinker's workbench. After this is done, return to Wren for a reward and a boost in reputation with the Raiders. Using an Intelligence 8+ dialogue option with Wren at the end of the quest earns a little extra in the rewards (twenty extra caps) and reputation with the Raiders.

Possible locations

Quest stages

Quest stages
StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
? Talk to WrenI should speak to Wren and see if she has any jobs for me.
? Find Radio Vacuum Tubes (#/#)Wren asked me to find radio vacuum tubes for her communications system. She marked the location I can find them on my map.
? Repair Radio Vacuum Tubes at a Tinkers Workbench (#/#)I found the radio vacuum tubes at the site Wren specified, but I need to find a Tinkers Workbench In-game spelling to make repairs before I bring them back to her.
? Talk to WrenI've retrieved all the radio vacuum tubes that Wren wanted. I need to find her back at the Crater to turn them in.


  • This daily quest will alternate with Retirement Plan. They will not both be active on the same day.
  • One may end the quest by repairing a single broken vacuum tube or by collecting all three vacuum tubes. Collecting all three tubes offers an additional Intelligence speech check bonus option when turning the quest in to Wren.
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