The Huntersville Incident is a holotape in Fallout 76.


Found in Huntersville, on the kitchen counter of the brick house southeast of the Hardware Store and IFV.



(Pounding on door - as if heard from inside a house)

Darlene Sherman: Who is it?

Sgt. Taybert: U.S. Army, ma'am. Open up, please.

Darlene Sherman: What do you want?

Sgt. Taybert: Just open the door, Ms. Sherman.

(Sound of deadbolt sliding open and door opening)

Darlene Sherman: Y-Yes?

Sgt. Taybert: On behalf of the U.S. Army and West-Tek, you're hereby ordered to hand over custody of your child, "Dalton Sherman," over to us immediately.

Darlene Sherman: What? Over my dead body! He's sick, he's not going anywhere!

Sgt. Taybert: You have no choice. Where is he ma'am?

Darlene Sherman: The hell I don't have a choice! You're not moving that child one inch or so help me I'll...

Sgt. Taybert: Ma'am! If you don't move aside right now, we'll move you ourselves. Do you understand?

(Sound of a knife being lifted from a table)

Sgt. Taybert: Put down the knife, Ms. Sherman. I won't ask again.

Darlene Sherman: No! Get out of my house! Dalton is only sick! He'll get better! You people can't take him like you took the others! You can't! I won't let you!

(Sound of a single gunshot and then a body dropping to the ground)

Sgt. Taybert: Goddamn it. Corporal Gibbons, put her in a body bag. Private Zeleski, go find the kid.

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