Flying ships? You must be referring to the Enclave and their vertibirds.AHS-9

The Hubologists need plans for a vertibird from Navarro is a quest in Fallout 2.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

To start this quest talk to AHS-7 or AHS-9 after entering the Hubologist compound. He should tell you that they need the Enclave Vertibird plans from Navarro and if you get it for him he will grant you access to the Hubologists H.Q. Leave San Francisco and head to Navarro (southwest of Arroyo). Once you arrive there either convince Chris the gas station attendant to let you in or kill him.

After doing that go to the shack on the left and open up the little manhole. After the game loads you should be in the base run down the hallway and go left after the first turn after leaving the hallway. After making the turn you should come across a room with lockers search the lockers until you come across power armor. Also in one of the lockers there is a plasma rifle. Grab it and put it on the run further down the hallway to the elevator and go to the top. After getting to the top go to the hangar on the left and talk to the man named Raul. He should direct you to Quincy.

Go to the hangar to the right of the elevator and you should see a man next to a locker this is Quincy. Talk to him and tell him that Raul sent you because he lost his schematics. After going on a rant he should tell you that they are in the locker. Leave Navarro and go back to San Francisco, then back to the Hubologist compound and talk to AHS-7, an option will appear to give him the Vertibird blueprints and the quest will be finished.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • If you give the Vertibird plans to Matt at the BoS outpost he will give you a copy of the plans and 20,000 XP so it may be more useful to give the plans to him first.
  • There are many other things you can do at Navarro such as:
    • Fixing K-9: 3500 XP.
    • Getting the password from Chris himself: 1500 XP.
    • Freeing Xarn the deathclaw: 1500 XP.
    • Retrieving the tanker FOB: 3500 XP. (This is needed for the main quest.)
  • Also getting the plans themselves nets you 3500 XP.
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