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What's to tell? Most die. One or two have made it out, but that's about it.Faydra

The Hole or the Arena is a location within the Pitt. It is an area where fights between slaves and other combatants take place.


The Lone Wanderer enters the Hole after starting the second half of the quest Unsafe Working Conditions. The fights are organized into three rounds where they must battle against three slaves, then two brothers and then the Hole's current champion, Gruber.[1][2] As soon as a fight begins, radioactive barrels are dropped into the arena. They act as obstacles and give off high amounts of radiation. Once the fight is over, the Lone Wanderer can loot the bodies before exiting via the same door used to enter.

Contestants are allowed to bring any weapons and items they have for the fight, and may not leave until the fight is over. Faydra offers equipment via nearby lockers before the fight begins. At the end of each round, Faydra will clear the participant's radiation. A water fountain next to Faydra can be used to restore HP. After completing the fights, one's full inventory can be retrieved from a footlocker outside the Hole.



  • Gruber is only one of three slaves to have won their freedom by winning in the Hole previously, now choosing to do so.[3]
  • The water fountain results in 1 rad after fights. Once the entrant is done fighting in the arena, drinking results in 3 rads.
  • Raiders say if fights in the Hole are dull or the slaves refuse to fight they shoot into the cage to "liven things up".
  • The raiders will comment on the entrant's Karma and SPECIAL stats in float dialogue upon becoming champion of the Hole.[citation needed]
  • The crowd cheers louder when upon hitting arena combatants, even after they are dead.
  • It is not possible to start fighting until the barrels drop and the gate opens. The gate remains locked until the barrels drop.
  • The footlocker with all the entrant's confiscated gear only appears after the battle with Gruber.
  • Sometimes during round one, a falling radiation barrel may kill one of the slaves before the fight even begins.
  • The arena announcer uses male pronouns to refer to female player characters in round two.


The Hole appears only in the Fallout 3 add-on The Pitt.



  1. Arena announcer: "They're savage! They're brutal! They're here to keep this worker in his place - the undefeated Bear Brothers!"
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  2. Arena announcer: "Undefeated in the Hole, Gruber has yet to meet his match."
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  3. Faydra: "You're going up against Gruber. He's one of the only slaves to win in the Hole. There's only ever been... what? Three? I guess he got a taste for blood. But unfortunately for you, he's got a pretty decent gun. So, odds are, this is the last time you and I will be talking."