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The Hold Out is a side quest in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.

Quick walkthrough

Far Harbor side quest: The Hold Out
Talk to Mitch.
Reward: Whiskey
(Hard Speech check) Persuade Mitch to increase the reward.
Reward: 3 stimpaks
2 RadAway
Travel to the National Park visitor's center.
Talk with Uncle Ken.
Reward: National Park visitor's center as a settlement
Defend the visitor's center.
Talk with Uncle Ken.
Let Uncle Ken stay at the visitor's center.
(Speech Check) Persuade Uncle Ken to go to Far Harbor.
Report to Mitch.
Reward: 300 XP
610 caps
Fire Belly recipe

Detailed walkthrough

This quest does not become available until Rite of Passage is completed.

Start the quest by talking to Mitch in Far Harbor's bar, The Last Plank. He will ask the Sole Survivor to check on his uncle and possibly bring him back to Far Harbor.

Travel to National Park visitor's center. Beware of the mines and traps near the entrances, but try not to disarm them since they will help later. Once inside, talk to Uncle Ken and tell him that Mitch asked to check on him. He will immediately warn of an imminent trapper attack. The Sole Survivor can use the workshop immediately afterwards, but resources are slim at the visitor's center.

Repel the attacking trappers. Once they are dead, talk to Uncle Ken again. With some difficult charisma checks he can be persuaded to go to Far Harbor; doing so will result in him being present when returning to Mitch and will change the dialogue slightly, but provide no additional rewards. Regardless of the result, return to Mitch for payment. After the quest is completed, Mitch will send two new settlers to the location. If the player character did not convince Uncle Ken to leave, he will remain in the settlement and become a settler.

Companion reactions

Convince Uncle Ken to return to Far Harbor.???????Like??????

Quest stages

Quest stages
StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
100 Search for Uncle KenI've accepted a job from Mitch to find his uncle at the National Park Visitor's Center. He's the only person still living on the interior of the island and may be in danger.
200 Defend the Visitor's CenterI found Uncle Ken just in time to help defend him and his farm from a trapper attack.
300 Talk with Uncle KenThe Visitor's Center is secure. I should talk with Uncle Ken.
400 Return to MitchI finished talking with Uncle Ken and should head back to the Last Plank in Far Harbor to talk to his nephew, Mitch.
500Quest finishedTurned in with MitchMitch was relieved that his uncle is alive and well. Another job complete.
600Quest finishedQuest Completed
9000Quest failedQuest Failed


  • Even if the player character hasn't spoken to Uncle Ken or set up any defenses, the Trappers will launch their attack a minute or two after the player character arrives at the Visitor Center.
  • Uncle Ken is marked as protected in the Creation Kit and as such he cannot be killed by enemy attacks. However, if he is hit by an attack from the Sole Survivor while downed, he will die and thus the quest will fail. This includes Uncle Ken running into any mines the player character has set.
  • Sleeping even an hour before speaking to Uncle Ken will result in being attacked shortly after, with no time to set up defenses. One may not have enough time to speak to him at all.
  • If Uncle Ken is convinced to return to Far Harbor, Mitch will say nothing about sending additional settlers to the Visitor's Center, but they will still appear.