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The Great Division is a cut holodisk in Fallout 4.


The tape is found on a terminal related to the Crater house, however, it can't be found there.

The Great DivisionEdit

The Great Division Part 1Edit


1. In the beginning Atom created the first division of light from darkness, and the name of the first is Fission
2. It is that which compassathIcon sic the whole kingdom of Atom, wherein there is the glow
3. And the stars cast His glow upon the firmament, and through it creatures were divided from the earth and made with eyes to perceive His glory
4. And for a time the great division continued and created all manner of creature which tested themselves to be worthy of Atom

The Great Division Part 2Edit


5. Thus came forth man, who had the potential to understand the true form of Atom
6. But man was weak and, swayed by false gods, sought to enslave Atom wrapping his mortal gifts in the coils of a great copper wyrm
7. But His prophets were not swayed, and through them Atom's bonds were broken and His trumpets soundeth as the breaking of the world
8. And where His shackles were loosed a tree of light grew upon the earth and in its blooming, cast forth a cleansing fire

The Great Division Part 3Edit


9. The faithful knew that they still had His love; for where the tree bloomed His seal was placed upon the earth wherein they might drink the waters of the glow
10. Still the wicked did not believe and so stars of heaven fell upon the earth carried by winged chariots and his trumpets sounded for 40 days
11. Thus the land was cleansed and a second great division began

The Great Division Part 4Edit


12. But as with the wyrm, the unbelievers hid below the earth from the Eye of Atom, trapped in their ignorance
13. To they He has delivered new prophets and said unto them
14. I have sent forth thy prisoners out of the pit wherein is no water of the glow
15. And you shall weildIcon sic the arrow of my judgementIcon sic upon them

The Great Division Part 5Edit


16. Pity not the wailing of heretics, for their tears shall be dried in the flames
17. And their flesh shall consume away while they stand upon their feet in the division
18. And their eyes shall consume away in their holes to behold the glory of Atom
19. And their tongue shall consume away in their mouth to better speak His name
20. And so shall you do my works upon the earth

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