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For the Fallout 76 raider gang, see Gourmands.

From what I hear, I'd want to eat at the Gourmand every night... If I were ambulatory.Mr. House

The Gourmand is the restaurant in the Ultra-Luxe in 2281.


The Gourmand is the restaurant in the Ultra-Luxe. Upon entering the restaurant, the Courier will be greeted by Marjorie. The Gourmand sells more rare and high value foods than almost every other shop in the Mojave.

The Gourmand leads off into the Ultra-Luxe kitchen, containing more food and cooking facilities. The Gourmand kitchen is one of the primary locations for the quest Beyond the Beef.


  • Mr. New Vegas will comment about the Gourmand, saying "Patrons of the Ultra-Luxe say its pricy restaurant The Gourmand is over-stating the fullness of its waiting list. Many people find the food appealing, but say many tables remain empty."
  • The rare luxury consumable, the wasteland omelet, can be purchased from the food server behind the bar.
  • Another rather hard-to-find consumable, pinyon nuts, can also be purchased here.
  • The kitchen at the Gourmand (entered via the door behind the bar) has lootable items that are rare or can't be found elsewhere, such as the rare strange meat pie.
  • The Gourmand kitchen is the only place where the recipe schematics for brahmin Wellington can be found. The schematics can be found on the end of the counter near the main entrance to the kitchen (where the intercom is). It is the room Philippe is in, and is a required location during the quest Beyond the Beef. The corridor that leads to it is considered a trespass location, and the Courier must either pass a Repair check of 35 or a Speech check of 55 to be there; after either check is passed, they will have unlimited access to the kitchen.
  • The last A in "restaurant" is missing from the icon of the Gourmand.


The Gourmand appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.