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So, Shem Drowne had himself buried with all his treasure. Guess some people just can't let go.Nick Valentine

The Gilded Grasshopper is a side quest in Fallout 4.

Quick walkthrough

Side Quest: The Gilded Grasshopper
(Optional) Pick up the Marty Bullfinch file in Nick Valentine's agency.
Go to Faneuil Hall and find the gilded grasshopper on the roof.
Examine the gilded grasshopper and read the note in it.
Find the grave west of Pickman Gallery.
Dig up the grave and claim the spoils. (No Shovel required)
Reward: 350 XP
Copper, silver and gold bars
Shem Drowne sword

Detailed walkthrough

After the Sole Survivor reads the file about Marty Bullfinch in Nick Valentine's office, the mission of retrieving him as a missing person can be obtained.

Going to Faneuil Hall and killing all the super mutants (at least fourteen) on all floors, will lead to the roof where the dead body of Marty Bullfinch and the gilded grasshopper can be found or one can enter through the back entrance, climb to the top of the stairs where a gap can be jumped. Three super mutants and a mutant hound will be encountered. The gilded grasshopper is atop the golden dome, next to the belltower.

Reading the note inside, Food for the grasshopper, points the Sole Survivor to the grave of Shem Drowne near Pickman Gallery containing his skeleton, his lootable skull, the note fear not, the Shem Drowne sword, a gold bar, two silver bars and three copper bars.

Quest stages

Quest stages
StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
10 Find the Gilded GrashopperNick's former partner, Marty Bullfinch, believes there's a treasure map hidden in the Gilded Grasshopper on top of Faneuil Hall. I should pay the hall a visit.
20 Read Food for the GrashopperI recovered an old note from inside the Gilded Grasshopper - "Food for the Grasshopper." I wonder what it says...
30 Find Shem Drowne's graveThe note inside the Gilded Grasshopper seems to point towards Shem Drowne's grave. Time to see what it still holds.
40 Dig the graveI've uncovered the secret of the Gilded Grasshopper - Shem Drowne hid his treasure in his own grave. And now it's mine.
50Quest finishedQuest complete - player took sword


  • If Nick Valentine is brought along for this mission, he will pay his respects to Marty. He also likes being present for the end of the quest, once the Sole Survivor has dug up Shem Drowne's grave.
  • There is a copy of Live & Love on the 4th floor of Faneuil Hall sitting on a table next to a sofa.
  • If the USS Constitution has landed on the top floor of the building, the quest may get bugged and cannot be completed, in the view that the roof had been altered. The quest may still be completed however by asking a companion to dig up the grave instead.
  • If the USS Constitution has landed on the top floor of the adjacent building and one has triggered the fast travel point at the USS Constitution's new location, the quest may be done without going through Faneuil Hall by simply fast traveling to the ship and jumping off the port bow to get to the roof.
  • It is not necessary to complete Unlikely Valentine and get the Detective Case Files from Nick's office to start this mission. The quest can also be started by directly going on the roof of the Faneuil Hall building. Unlikely Valentine is only a prerequisite for access to Marty Bullfinch's holotape, not the mission itself.

Behind the scenes

The Gilded Grasshopper is based on the grasshopper weather vane on top of today's Faneuil Hall in Boston, created by Shem Drowne.


  • PCPC Playstation 4Playstation 4 If the quest has been completed before activating the case file, the detective file will be locked and the next file cannot be completed.[verified]
  • PCPC When digging up the grave, the game may freeze or crash.[verified]