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The General's Steakhouse is a location in the Cranberry Bog region of Appalachia.


The General's Steakhouse was one of the most popular culinary destinations in Appalachia, offering "down home Southern fare," to its clientele, who were mostly made up of staff from the RobCo Research Center. Due to this, restaurant employees were instructed to give them special consideration when they came in.[1] At some point prior to the Great War, the owner was forced to change the menu, adapting due to shortages of quality beef.[2] Despite this, the restaurant continued to advertise that its steaks were made with 96 percent beef.[3] After the bombs fell, it was converted into a soup kitchen, offering food to refugees, though Silas left due to conflicting personal interests, leaving Milo to run the place alone.[4]

Shortly after Silas left, the establishment fell into disrepair and became the home of a large group of feral ghouls. It was at this time that Glen Ramos, the post-apocalyptic food critic visited the establishment. Although he had visited prior to the apocalypse and enjoyed it immensely, he found the regular diners from RobCo to be unpleasant. He notes that the ferals make a much more pleasant, less pompous crowd, despite their shriveled appearance and ravenous lust for his flesh. Even post-War, the steakhouse was a four star eating experience.[2]

Later, on March 16th, 2096, the abandoned building became host to a Free States scout, who sought shelter there from the Scorched after their search party - who were looking into the Brotherhood of Steel distress signal - had to split up to return the information back to base.[5] Prior to the war, they sent out an advertising Protectron to hand out free samples, one per customer.[6]


The steakhouse is a three story building containing a balcony with a steamer trunk, a parking lot in the front, and a small garden with a shed in the back. The roof is also accessible, it contains a steamer trunk and some lootable boxes as well as an armor workbench and a weapons workbench. A cooking station can be found in the basement. A chemistry station can be found directly next to the metal shack in the garden.

Notable loot

  • Defiance mission report - Note, can be found on a table in the general's dining area on the first floor.
  • Five-star general - Note, next to a cash register on the front counter.
  • Free Watoga! - Note, six copies are found on and beneath a metal shelf in the basement.
  • Generals - Note, on a desk in the administration section behind the front counter.
  • Gone scrounging - Holotape, in the "coat check" storeroom behind the front counter.
  • Goodbye - Holotape, on a desk in the administration section behind the front counter.
  • Wastelanders Finn's mysterious map fragment - On the bar facing south.
  • Two potential Vault-Tec bobbleheads:
    • On the upper floor of the northwest corner of the main interior restaurant area, on the shelf of a short bookcase near a steamer trunk.
    • On the roof, on top of a small wooden crate near a green suitcase and a barrel.
  • Two potential magazines:
    • In the office to the northeast, near the Goodbye holotape and three possible caps stashes, behind a filing cabinet near the floor safe.
    • In the basement laundry room, left of the chained double doors, on the washing machine and sink.
  • Power armor - Found in the metal shack in the walled garden.
  • Fusion core - Found on a barrel next to the railing on the second floor.
  • Recipe: Delbert's bunless cramburger - Found on the kitchen counter in the basement.
  • Three potential recipes:
    • On a wooden pallet on the roof.
    • On a counter in the basement kitchen.
    • On a small bookcase next to a window on the second floor.


The General's Steakhouse appears only in Fallout 76.



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