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The Foundry is a location in the Industrial district of the Pitt.


The Foundry is a large factory and warehouse that used to produce steel products before the Great War.[1] In July 2077, the Pittsburgh Union Steel Company owner, Mr. Mackeson, demanded a tripling of production. The steel workers had been having trouble making the previous quota, but this large of an increase seemed like it was doomed to lead to a strike, which would be the company's first strike in twenty years.[2] In the following September, Mr. Mackeson came down in person to see "what the fuss was all about" and was met with harsh verbal attacks by the workers. The company foreman Hal Caldwell had to call in Protectrons to prevent the situation from escalating. However, at this time, Mr. Mackeson responded that the situation "was out of his hands," as the government required more output for the war effort.[3]

By early October, Hal Caldwell, the Union, and Mr. Mackeson reached an agreement - to avoid a repeat of the labor wars down south in Beckley and Welch, Mr. Mackeson would "pull some clever accounting" to make it seem as though production had tripled. In exchange, the workers would do all they could to "squeeze just a little bit more out of everyone."[4]

After the Great War, it was occupied by the Pittsburgh Union.[1] The Union used the Foundry to manufacture parts and equipment after restoring the factory to full working order.[5] Due to disturbing reports from the lower levels and exterior of the Foundry, the Union management asked workers to pair up in the more dangerous sectors and suspended night work until the Strikers could investigate further.[6] Only much later did a striker named Pat Gerber descend into the dark underground areas of the Foundry to investigate further, where he encountered increasing radiation levels the further down he went[7] until finally encountering a trog, which strangely only stared at him as neither fought. Eventually, the trog ran off and Pat attempted to return to the surface, but found himself disliking light and feeling cold without the radiation of the lower levels, possibly transforming into a trog himself.[8]

Some years prior to 2104, the Foundry was taken by the Fanatics on a day known as Bloody Thursday.[1] Bloody Thursday is said to be the largest defeat the Union has ever received. Fortunately for the Union, the Fanatics have little idea how to really work the Foundry; instead of steel, they have been producing chemical weapons from a makeshift lab in the hopper room.[9] The Fanatics are also hoarding stolen supplies from the Union inside the Foundry.[10]

The factory's vast amount of resources, such as steel, is attractive to both the Fanatics and the Union because its machines and products could prove to be a turning point in the local civil war.


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The Foundry appears only in Fallout 76, introduced in the Expeditions: The Pitt update.

Behind the scenes[]

Craig Bernardo was the level designer on the Foundry, building the location, writing notes and directing the environment art team. Bernardo also worked on the Industrial district exterior.[Non-game 1] Lead environment artist Andrew Collins also worked extensively on the Foundry interior.[Non-game 2]


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