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The Fire Breathers is a holotape in Fallout 76.


The holotape can be found at the Morgantown Airport terminal on the top floor, near the west entrance on a table that is next to a petrified corpse. There will be a chemistry station in the same break room.


Maria Chavez: All right. We're recording.

Melody Larkin: Good, 'cause now we can get on record that I think this idea's god-damned looney.

Maria Chavez: I'm not thrilled about sending our people into a place that's actively toxic either... ... but there are whole towns down there we still haven't reached out to: Welch, Beckley, Bramwell.

Melody Larkin: Bramwell? Come on, now! You really think the Hornwrights or the Garrahans didn't fly off to some private island the moment the air raid sirens turned on?

Maria Chavez: Most likely they did. But right now we don't know and don't have a safe way of finding out. And that's why I wanted your help, Melody, on how we can get there.

Melody Larkin: ... fine. We got a couple folks from the Charleston Fire Department. I can talk to them, see what they have to say about gettin' set up for those sorts of operations.

Maria Chavez: Thank you.

Melody Larkin: Anyone you send into all that smoke is going to need training, though. Need to be whip smart if they're gonna survive someplace that hostile. And breathing equipment's finicky as hell. Whole lot of care and maintenance if they're gonna be out there for hours, let alone days. You're talking about a whole new division here.

Maria Chavez: I understand what I'm asking.

Melody Larkin: Tell you what you ought to do... you ought to give 'em a name.

Maria Chavez: A name?

Melody Larkin: Green Berets. Smokejumpers. Navy Seals. You want someone to sign up for dangerous duty, needs to be some prestige behind it. You give 'em a name, a new designation, extra rations, maybe, I'll guarantee you'll get the volunteers you're looking for.

Maria Chavez: Hmm. Any suggestions?

Melody Larkin: Huh... well, gramps was a moonshiner. Made hooch so strong, normal folk couldn't come within a quarter-mile of it. Everyone called him and his boys the "Fire Breathers." Resilient sons-a-guns. What about that?

Maria Chavez: ... I suppose we don't need to go with the first idea we come up with. But for now, I'd like you to reach out to those firemen. Convince them to get onboard with the... Fire Breathers. Let them know it's important. Prestigious.

Melody Larkin: Oh lordy, I think she likes it.

Maria Chavez: I'll work on getting them a place to train. Charleston Fire Department seems like the natural spot.

Melody Larkin: Certainly won't have to travel far to get yourselves into trouble.

Maria Chavez: Good. We should get started. If there's anyone still alive down there, I think they've suffered enough.