The Fens is a district of Boston in the Commonwealth in 2287.


The Fens was serviced by Fens Way station on the subway's green line, and patrolled by the Boston Police Department from Police Precinct 8. A serial killer known as the Fens Phantom operated in The Fens, killing dozens of civilians and leaving several holotapes addressed to the detective assigned to the case.

Like the rest of Boston, the district was devastated following the Great War and was largely lawless. In the 2130s, Diamond City was founded in the remains of Fenway Park, and it quickly became established as a safe haven for settlers all across the Commonwealth. Diamond City grew into the Commonwealth's largest and most prosperous settlement, as more and more settlers moved in. Consequently, security increased in The Fens as Diamond City security set up defenses around the settlement.


The westernmost Bostonian district, the district borders Back Bay and Esplanade, located to the east. Crossing the Charles River leads to the city of Cambridge.


The Fens appears only in Fallout 4.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Fens is based on the real-world Boston district of Fenway-Kenmore, located in approximately the same location and known colloquially as "the Fens."

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