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Find out where Hugo has disappeared to.

The Eye of the Storm is a main quest in Fallout 76, introduced in the Skyline Valley update. It is the final part of the Skyline Valley quest line.

Quick walkthrough[]

Detailed walkthrough[]

Go to Oberlin in the Vault 63 atrium. He tells you that Hugo has fled the vault and headed to the Hawksbill weather station to complete his plan to bring all Lost directly under his control. Oberlin urges you to head there directly to stop Hugo, but asks you to keep him alive so that he can still be used to learn more about a cure for the Lost.

Head to the weather station and go inside, where Audrey will await you. She warns you that the station is crowded by Lost; probably Hugo's doing. She will help you reach the weather station's control room, where Hugo and Cassie currently are. Audrey asks that when you confront Hugo, you kill him, as his skills as a master manipulator make him too great a risk to be kept alive.

Go through the laser grid on the right, and take the first left. As you head up the weather station, fight your way through the Lost, heading through several more laser grids. Oberlin, now also on the intercom together with Audrey, reiterates his demand that Hugo be left alive, while Audrey again asks you to kill Hugo.

Once you reach the control room, Hugo will speak to you, with Cassidy sitting by his side on the floor, breathing heavily. Hugo, motivated by his desire to cure his wife and to shepherd the Lost, and unconvinced by any attempts at dissuasion, decides to remove the last obstacle before he can fully power the weather machine: you. Hugo floats into the air and causes a bright flash, spawning Lost to defend him. Attack the Hugo and the Lost; Hugo is temporarily invincible only while he floats. Once Hugo's HP drops to zero, he again floats into the air, spawns more Lost, and regains all his health. Hugo must be defeated a total of three times before he concedes defeat.

With Hugo weakened, walk towards him to confront him. In addition to the options of arresting him and killing him, Hugo proposes a third option: Walking away to let him activate the weather machine, with Hugo promising the safety of the others. The outcome of the quest depends on your choice.

  • Arresting Hugo: Hugo complies, Audrey expresses disappointment with you violating her trust, and Oberlin is happy to see Hugo alive. Climb up the weather machine to power it down, and then return to Vault 63. Oberlin is now the overseer, Hugo is kept in a cell to be used for experiments to find a cure for the Lost, and Audrey remains a scientist working for the vault.
  • Killing Hugo: Hugo dies, and Oberlin suggests quickly recovering his body to allow learning as much as is still possible. Over the intercom, Audrey reacts dismayed, and shoots Oberlin, killing him. Climb up the weather machine to power it down, and then return to Vault 63, where Audrey is now the overseer. She is very happy, but somewhat anxious about her new role as overseer.
  • Leaving Hugo: Audrey and Oberlin react angrily, but are unable to intervene, while Hugo climbs up the weather machine and powers it up. Return to Vault 63, where Hugo remains the overseer. Around his desk, Hilda, Audrey, Cassie, and Oberlin are sitting on the floor, wailing, slowly turning into Lost. Hugo is happy, describing them as "found" rather than Lost, and has no intentions of creating a cure.

Talk with the (new) overseer to complete the quest.

Quest stages[]

Quest stages
StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
? Return to Vault 63
? Speak to OberlinIt's clear now, if Hugo successfully powers up the Weather Machine again, the Lost will be under his complete control. Oberlin went to try and detain Hugo, but said he's disappeared. I should report back to Oberlin as soon as possible.
? Go to <Alias=Location_WeatherStation>Turns out Hugo sent us on a wild goose chase and somehow snuck Cassidy out of the Vault. Oberlin has asked me to make my way there and capture Hugo alive; he's warned me that Audrey has already left and intends to stop her father by any means necessary.
? Speak to AudreyAudrey has bought us some more time by temporarily delaying the Weather Machine's start up sequence, but it's only a matter of time before Hugo activates it. She's going to deactivate the laser grid doors, so I should head in to fight my way up to Hugo.
? Fight your way to the Weather ChamberI've fought my way through the Lost, and the final laser grid to Hugo is now deactivated. Oberlin is telling me we need to take Hugo alive, but Audrey is pleading for me to kill him. Either way, I should enter the Weather Chamber and confront Hugo.
? Confront HugoHugo told me that he purposely set off the Weather Machine twice before, claiming it was with good intentions. He couldn't be dissuaded from trying to activate it a third time as he believes controlling the Lost is saving them. I need to take him down.
? Defeat HugoI discovered that Hugo purposely set off the weather machine twice before and claims this was with good intentions. He aims to set it off a third time and it doesn't look like he is going to let me stand in his way.
? Decide Hugo's FateI've incapacitated Hugo and prevented him from activating the Weather Machine. Now the question is, do I turn him in to Oberlin, or finish him off like Audrey wants? I should go speak to him one last time before making my decision.
? Power down the Weather MachineSpeaking to Hugo, I've decided to let him activate the Weather Machine, against Oberlin's and Audrey's wishes. He warned me to get out of the blast radius before it's too late, then meet him at the Atrium later. I should leave here as soon as possible.
? Finish off HugoI killed Hugo. Oberlin wanted to salvage the body, but Audrey didn't want to risk this madness continuing, so she shot Oberlin. As she requested, I should power down the Weather Machine before it causes any harm to the Vault 63 residents.
? Power down the Weather MachineI can't let this madman take his plans any further, so I have decided to do what Oberlin wants and take him into custody. I should power down the Weather Machine before it causes any harm to the Vault 63 residents.
? Return to the Vault 63 AtriumWith Hugo subdued and the weather machine powered down, it looks like we've avoided catastrophe. Chief Oberlin seems happy, but I think Audrey might feel I've betrayed her trust. I should go to the Vault 63 Atrium to talk with him now this is all over.
? Report back to <Alias.ShortName=Actor_FinalChoice>I killed Hugo and powered down the Weather Machine like Audrey asked. I guess she's going to take charge now Hugo and Oberlin are dead. I'll be able to find her in the Vault 63 Atrium, so I should head over there to speak with her now this is all over.
I made it outside just before Hugo fully powered up the Weather Machine, sending out a powerful pulse. Hugo mentioned once it was all over, I should visit him back in the Vault 63 Atrium, so I should make my way back there to speak to him.


If Hugo is left to activate the weather machine, upon returning to the vault, Cassie, sitting next to the overseer's desk, can be heard talking. This is the only point in the game where Cassie speaks.


  • PCPC After talking with Audrey at the start, if you exit the weather station and re-enter, the first laser grid does not deactivate. The problem can be resolved by exiting and re-entering the world.[verification needed]
  • PCPC After completing the fight with Hugo, Hugo may remain hostile for a minute, continuing to attack the player while he is invulnerable. The problem resolves on its own eventually.[verification needed]
  • PCPC If Hugo is arrested, Oberlin will later remark that he has forgiven Audrey for trying to shoot him. However, in this story branch, Audrey does not try to shoot him.[verification needed]