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The Eye's subject: Frankie is a holotape in the Fallout 76 update Wastelanders.


The tape can be found in a duffle bag at the Vantage during Sibling Piracy.


The Eye: State your name, for the record.

Frankie: I'm Frankie Beckett... my brother is one of you. Just bring him in here, he can explain everything.

The Eye: Drink.

Frankie: No... thanks. I don't do chems. My brother does them and he's always getting hurt and sick... so I don't. If it's all the same to you. No thanks.

*slamming sounds*

Frankie: ...Okay...

*gulping down pills*

The Eye: More.

Frankie: *sobbing* I don't feel okay...

*slamming sounds*

Frankie: *swallowing pills*

The Eye: Finish it!

Frankie: Is that... an eye? Those are eyes. Oh god.... oh my god.

*sounds of scuffling, choking, gagging*