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The Enemy of My Enemy is a transitional quest in Fallout 4.


The quest is actually a subquest of the Reunions quest, and is simply the scripted dialogue scene that plays out between the player, Piper Wright and Nick Valentine. Depending on whether or not Nick is with the player when Conrad Kellogg is killed, this scene (quest) plays out either in Publick Occurences or the Valentine Detective Agency.

Thus players will automatically start and conclude this quest at the end of Reunions at which point Dangerous Minds will begin - so this quest merely serves as a transition between those other two. For this reason, it never appears in the quest list or Pip-Boy since it has no objectives and doesn't actually involve doing anything, which is why the quest's Pip-Boy animation is never seen.

Companion reactionsEdit

Say Kellogg deserved to be killedLikeDislikeDislikeDislikeDislikeLikeLikeDislikeNeutralLikeDislikeNeutralNeutralLike
Defend killing Kellogg by saying "he wasn't going to talk"NeutralNeutralNeutralNeutralNeutralLikeNeutralNeutralNeutralLikeNeutralNeutralNeutralNeutral
Express regret for killing KelloggDislikeLikeLikeLikeLikeNeutralDislikeNeutralNeutralDislikeNeutralNeutralNeutralDislike
Accuse Nick of lying about not knowing the location of the InstituteLikeNeutralDislikeDislikeDislikeNeutralLikeDislikeNeutralLikeNeutralNeutralNeutralLike

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