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Learn the fate of Crane and his treasure.

The Elusive Crane is a main quest in the Fallout 76 update Wastelanders.


Dealing with Crane

  • After following Duchess upstairs, she will open the door to the previously key-locked room on the left. What appears to be an empty storage room turns out to be Crane in captivity.
  • Duchess will explain why Crane is alive and for what reasons she kept him inside the room. The player character will need to 'wake' Crane up by interacting with him.
  • Sol, previously idling at the top of the stairs, will enter the room and intervene with this newfound discovery of Crane's whereabouts and status. After a short argument, Duchess and Sol will ask the player character what they should do with Crane, and if he should be killed or kept alive.
  • At this point, Crane can be killed, either by the player character or by Sol. Crane can also be kept alive by persuading Duchess and Sol that Crane is still a human and they would be murderers if they killed him. Regardless, Crane will have a map and keycard on him that must be taken by interacting with him or looting his corpse.

Finding Crane's treasure

  • Crane's map will point to Gauley Mine as to where his cache of treasure lies, along with a code which will be required to access the cache.
  • Travel to Gauley Mine, venture deeper until one comes across a room with a keypad and a security gate. The objective will update to search for the code, or to enter the one on Crane's map (071990). Alternatively, the security gate's code can be found directly opposite of the gate, pinned to a wall. Enter the code, and access the doors leading to RobCo Auto-Cache 001.
  • Once inside the RobCo Auto-Cache, hack the registration terminal (Level 0) on the left shortly upon entry, this will allow the Pip-Boy to be registered by selecting the terminal's prompt to do so.
  • Defeat the insects blocking the path. The player character will come across a large door, simply staying inside the marked area will allow the Pip-Boy to be scanned, and the door will open. Allowing access to the cache inside.
  • Next, is to loot the large cache itself. Move through the halls until one comes across a large meeting room at the end with a podium on the right, and multiple dispenser machines on stage.
  • Upon investigating the podium, one will find a mega-dispenser test token. In order to loot the cache, the player character must choose a type of weapon to redeem with the token. (The Notes section details which exact weapon is received from each type.)
  • Once the player character has made their selection, a dispenser machine will award a leveled legendary weapon. With the cache discovered, all that is left to do is to return to the Wayward and tell Duchess what was found.

Return to Duchess

  • When the player character arrives at the Wayward, one will find the place looking a lot better since their last visit, with the interior decorated with lights, a U.S. flag, and looking much cleaner and brighter, and the outside with the "OPEN" signs and lights crackling to life as the tavern officially opens for business. Duchess will thank the player character, as will Polly and Sol, with Duchess giving the player character a permanent discount.
    • Alternatively, if one made a deal with Roper and the Free Radicals to split the treasure, they will need to be dealt with first. Once Roper has either been convinced to leave in peace with his men or killed, Duchess will thank the player character and the quest will be completed. Completing it for the first time will unlock the Wayward Child achievement, and if Roper and the Free Radicals were not killed and a deal was struck with them, the Radicals face mask will be awarded with the regular quest rewards.
  • At this point, the player character will need to be at least level 20 to continue the Wastelanders main questline. If this condition is satisfied, then the quest The New Arrivals will be added to the journal along with a new radio station to tune into to learn more.

Quest stages

Quest stages
StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
? Follow DuchessDuchess said she's willing to tell me what she knows about Crane and his treasure. I just need to follow her.
? Wake CraneCrane's alive, and he's a Scorched! Duchess has him locked away inside "The Wayward." She says I should wake him up. Thanks for that, Duchess.
? Determine Crane's fateCrane's still alive. Now we just have to figure out what to do with him.
? Kill CraneI've volunteered to kill Crane. Duchess has asked that I make it quick. I should hurry up and do the deed.
? Speak to DuchessI killed Crane, but Duchess seems real angry about it. I should talk to her, tell her why I did it.
Crane's dead, but it seems Duchess has something she wants to discuss. I should listen to her.
? Collect the map and keycard from CraneDuchess says Crane has both a map and a keycard on him that I should collect.
I convinced Sol to let Crane live. They'll take him out and release him. But first I need to collect the map and keycard Crane has tucked away on him.
? Find Crane's treasureAccording to Duchess, this map and keycard will allow me to gain access to Crane's treasure - whatever it may be. His map also had some numbers on it: 071990. What they're for, I don't know.
? Search the room for the cage codeThere's a keypad here in Gauley Mine that Crane seems to have marked on his map. I wonder if I can find the code nearby... or could it be those numbers from the map: 071990?
? Use the cage door code: 071990Ah ha! The code is 071990. I should plug that into the keypad and head inside the cage. That has to be where Crane's treasure is hiding!
I'm inside the cage Crane marked on his map. Let's see what he found!
? Find a way to open the cache doorThere's a massive door blocking the way here. It scanned me and then said something about reporting to an office when I approached. I should see if I can find this office.
I've registered my Pip-Boy with the terminal. I should present myself to that scanner doohickey again, see if it'll let me in.
I found a sign that suggests I need to register my Pip-Boy to get through that big door. The terminal on the far wall should be able to do it.
? Loot the cacheI did it! I accessed the cache! Time to see what's in there!
I found a big token on the podium. I bet it can be used with one of these dispensers.
? Speak to DuchessI used the cache's dispenser and got myself a handsome new weapon. I should report back to Duchess and let her know what I found.
I've helped Duchess get "The Wayward" up on its feet. As thanks for all my hard work, she gave me a discount and told me I should come back and pay her a visit in the future.
? Deal with RoperOh no. Roper's come to "The Wayward" to collect his part of the treasure. I need to deal with him and his goons somehow.
I managed to strike a deal with Roper. Now I should check in with Duchess.
? Eliminate Roper and his crewThings got hairy with Roper and crew, but they're taken care of now. I should check in with Duchess.


  • The mega-dispenser test token is a quest item and cannot be dropped, shared, or sold.
  • The loot from the cache is scaled to level, so waiting until level 50 to claim the loot will yield a 2 star legendary at level 50+.
  • The loot from the cache have static effects:
    • Rifle is Hunting rifle: Anti-armor + 50% V.A.T.S. critical damage
    • Two handed melee is Sledgehammer: Bloodied + 40% swing speed
    • One handed melee is Sickle: Executioner's + 50% melee reflect on blocking
    • Unarmed is Knuckles: Vampires' + +40% Power Attack
    • Shotgun is pump action shotgun: Suppressors + 25% faster fire rate
    • Energy is Laser pistol: Furious + +10% damage while aiming
    • Pistol is .44 Pistol: Two shot + Bash damage.
  • Joining the Free Radicals and passing a 4+ Charisma or Intelligence check in dialogue with Roper when returning to Duchess will let one keep the weapon and also gain a Radicals face mask.
  • Upon later returning, Polly will be seen at the front desk of the Wayward in the body chosen for her during Hunter for Hire. If she received the assaultron body, she will reward Polly's old head.