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For the character in Fallout 2, see Dragon.

The Dragon is a weapon in Fallout 76.


An old-style muzzle-loaded rifle, firing a large bullet down an unrifled barrel. Requires reloading after every shot, but when it hits, it hits. The Dragon is a unique, exceptional weapon, as it fires four projectiles at once. The sheer amount of power coming out of the Dragon with one pull of the trigger is enough to make it one of, if not, the most powerful ballistic weapon in the game.


F76 Dragon blown up

The Dragon expanded

The Dragon is a rare black powder rifle which has four barrels, each loaded with a .50 caliber ball. When fired, it will release all four rounds at once (each doing 200 base damage) for 800 base damage if every shot hits. Like the Shishkebab, legendary versions can be found as drops from legendary enemies.



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