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The Domestics notes are four paper notes in Fallout 76.


  • Note 1: Southwest of the Pioneer Scout camp, on a picnic table near the mannequins.
  • Note 2: Found at the Summersville Docks, on a rowboat with the mannequins, near a green tugboat to the southeast of the area icon on the map.
  • Note 3: Northeast of Pioneer Scout lookout, southwest of the butterfly on the map. It is on a table in an outside living room on a cliff.
  • Note 4: Southwest of the Freak Show, on a barrel at a pumpkin patch on the same elevation.


Note 1

This is where I took Cyndi tubin' down the river for the first time. Cyndi always loved the water.


Note 2

This is where I proposed to Cyndi. The night sky was crystal clear, the water was still. She said, I do!


Note 3

This was where our first home was located. Had a great view of the lake from our living room windows. Cyndi always had dinner cooked and ready when I got home from a hard days In-game spelling work at the factory.


Note 4

This is where Cyndi found a patch of wild pumpkins growing. Every Autumn we'd come here and grab some pumpkins to carve for Halloween.


Behind the scenes

The Domestics notes and their respective scenes were created by level designer Craig Bernardo.[1]